Canon's 70-Year Imaging History: A Tradition of Innovation

Canon's 70-Year Imaging History: A Tradition of Innovation Canon got its start in 1937 based on the aspiration to make the world's best camera. Through the strategies of diversification and globalization, Canon has realized many successes and overcome a number of challenges to become the company that it is today. This 70th anniversary commemorative video presents Canon's growth to date.

Created : November 2007    10'08''    2008 World Media Festival gold prize

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Canon Visual Overview - Canon will change, the world will change -

Canon is in the midst of a grand transformation. Learn about our multi-faceted mission to become a truly global company respected around the world based on our corporate philosophy of "Kyosei."

Created :
September 2019
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In Pursuit of the Ideal Lens

For over 70 years, Canon has been pursuing the ideal lens. This video introduces how an image is created when light passes through a lens and also highlights Canon's technological breakthroughs in aspherical lenses, fluorite lenses and DO lenses, as well as the traditional craftsmanship that makes these lenses possible. This video also presents the advanced design technologies and manufacturing technologies cultivated by Canon over many years.

Created :
December 2006
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