Canon's Environmental Activity - Contributing to Circular Economy -

We have to use limited resources effectively. This video introduce Canon's case of resource circulation.

Created : March 2019    03'27''

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Canon's Environmental Activity - Contributing to Low-Carbon Society -

We are combating climate change. This video introduce Canon's activities to reduce the CO2 emission from our products and operations.

Created :
March 2019
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Toner Cartridge Recycling: A Continuous Journey

In 1990, Canon took the lead globally in commencing recycling efforts for toner cartridges. With a simple replacement, these cartridges, which represent the core component of laser printers, make printing possible at any time without a hitch. As laser printers continue to be widely utilized on the world front, Canon maintains its worldwide endeavors to collect and recycle used toner cartridges without relying on landfill disposal whatsoever.

Created :
November 2011
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