The technology of diagnostic ultrasound systems

Canon’s diagnostic ultrasound imaging technology produces sharper, clearer images with unprecedented levels of detail. This is achieved through the use of cutting-edge technologies, like our innovative technique for obtaining clear images of structures over a wide range of depths.

Created : June 2019    03'08''

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How diagnostic ultrasound systems work

A diagnostic ultrasound system transmits ultrasound into the body and then converts the echoes that bounce back from organs and tissues into a cross-sectional image. This video introduces the basic principles of the technology.

Created :
June 2019
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Digital Radiography

Canon digital radiography systems, which enable the confirmation of preview images in just three seconds, have significantly contributed to the field of diagnostic imaging. By realizing a dramatic reduction in X-ray dosage and excellent image resolution, these systems minimizes the burden on both the subject and the operator. Canon has now made possible the real-time viewing of dynamic X-ray images in a compact, portable design.

Created :
March 2009
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