Smarter, patient-friendly healthcare solutions are leading to healthier lives for people around the world

In 1940, not long after our establishment, Canon entered the healthcare business with the development of Japan’s first indirect X-ray camera. This technology was used for the early detection of pulmonary tuberculosis, which at the time was an intractable disease. In the years since, we have continued to support medical professionals with such products as digital radiography equipment and ophthalmic equipment developed with our superior imaging technology.
Recently, Canon’s healthcare business has taken a major leap forward by welcoming Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation, a leading manufacturer of medical equipment such as CT and diagnostic ultrasound systems, into the Canon Group.
To bring about a future of smarter and more patient-friendly healthcare that will lead to healthier lives worldwide and reduce the stress of examinations on patients, Canon is expanding our business to include diagnostic imaging, biomedical and medical IT.