at canon site

We carry out various activities aimed at conserving biodiversity, including birds and other living beings at our sites globally.


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Canon’s global headquarters /
Shimomaruko Forest

Canon's global headquarters is located in the Shimomaruko area of Ohta ward in Tokyo. The site includes a green zone, which we call “Shimomaruko Forest,” that serves as a model site for the Canon Bird Branch Project where we carry out various activities aimed at conserving biodiversity, including birds and other living things.

Canon Research Centre France / BIRDS Project

Canon Research Centre France S.A.S. (CRF) promotes the preservation of biodiversity, including wild birds, in partnership with the LPO which is the local NGO and official partner of BirdLife International in France.

© F. Ehrmann-Patin, CRF

Oita Canon Inc. / Canon Forest

On Oita Canon Inc.’s Oita Plant, there is a brook with clear water and a beautiful grove—we call it the Canon Forest. The Oita Plant promotes several activities to preserve this beautiful green environment for future generations.

Toride Plant / Toride Forest

The Toride Plant is located in the city of Toride, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan. The Tone River flows nearby and abundant greenery is found in the surrounding riverbeds and croplands. In conjunction with projects underway at Canon’s global headquaters, the Toride Plant runs conservation activities to protect birds and other forms of biodiversity.

Fuji-Susono Research Park / Susono Forest

The Fuji-Susono Research Park is located in the city of Susono, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan, lying at the foot of Mt. Fuji. In this area, many birds live and we call it as the wild birds’ paradise. This site is situated in a valley surrounded by forest visited by many passing wild birds.

Kawasaki Office / Kawasaki Forest

The Kawasaki Office is located in the city of Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Even though it is located right in the city, surrounded by residential neighborhoods, business districts and high-rise buildings, the Kawasaki Office has substantial green space that has become an important habitat for birds.

Canon Medical Systems /
Building a company that coexists with nature

Canon Medical Systems' headquarters is located in the city of Otawara, Tochigi Prefecture. Inspired by the bountiful natural beauty of the alluvial fans of Nasunogahara, we work together with our employees and local communities to carry out biodiversity conservation activities, following our vision of “building a company that coexists with nature.”

Canon Production Printing Netherlands /
Breeding Bird Survey and Océ Weerd

The Océ Weerd was opened in 2005. The Maas (Meuse) River flows adjacent to the site of Canon Production Printing Netherlands B.V.. Lands along the Maas are used as a floodplain at times of high water levels and as a nature area. The Océ Weerd provides a rough nature environment, with grassland, brushwood and willow trees. And now several species of wild birds can be seen and heard there.