Global R&D

The Canon Group conducts business in more than 220 countries and regions around the world.
Today, sales outside of Japan account for more than 80% of Canon’s consolidated net sales.
To ensure that the research work from Canon’s global R&D locations expands into businesses, Canon’s developers actively collaborate and engage in exchanges with external research institutes.

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Global R&D

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1. Canon Research Centre France S.A.S.
Rennes, France
Areas of focus: Development of network and communication technologies for transmission and connectivity to high-quality, high-volume video data; video data processing; and security camera systems and technologies

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2. Canon Medical Research Europe Ltd.
Edinburgh, U.K.
Areas of focus: R&D of clinical decision support systems and AI automation

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3. Canon Production Printing Netherlands B.V.
Venlo, Netherlands
Areas of focus: R&D of large format commercial printers, medium and high speed printers for office use, consumables, etc.

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4. Milestone Systems A/S
Copenhagen, Denmark
Areas of focus: Development of video management solutions

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5. Axis Communications AB
Lund, Sweden
Areas of focus: Development of network video solutions

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6. BriefCam Ltd.
Modi’in, Israel
Areas of focus: Development of video analytics solutions for rapid video review and search, face recognition, real-time alerting and quantitative video insights

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7. Canon Medical Systems Corporation
Otawara (Tochigi), Japan
Areas of focus: R&D of medical devices and systems, etc.

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8. Canon Medical Research USA, Inc.
Illinois and Ohio, USA
Areas of focus: R&D of core system physics, data acquisition, and image reconstruction hardware and software for medical devices and systems

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9. Healthcare Optics Research Lab.
(Canon U.S.A.)
Massachusetts, USA
Area of focus: Development of novel minimally invasive medical devices for image guided diagnosis and therapies

Canon Inc.

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  • Headquarters

    R&D Areas, Development of digital cameras, etc.

  • Yako Office

    Development of inkjet printers, large-format printers and inkjet chemical products

  • Kawasaki Office

    R&D Areas, R&D of production equipment and dies, R&D of semiconductor devices, etc., and Network camera development

  • Tamagawa Office

    Development of quality management technologies

  • Kosugi Office

    Development of medical devices

  • Hiratsuka Plant

    Development of displays and next-generation devices

  • Ayase Plant

    Development of semiconductor devices

  • Fuji-Susono Research Park

    R&D of electrophotographic technologies

  • Utsunomiya
    • Utsunomiya Optical Products Plant

      Development of semiconductor lithography equipment and FPD lithography equipment

    • Optics R&D Center

      R&D of optical technologies

  • Toride Plant

    R&D of electrophotographic technologies

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