What is Canon technology?

We place high importance on technology, establishing it as the source of our competitiveness within the industry. Since our founding, we've worked to create new value, and we will continue to pursue this mission in the future.

Canon’s Research and Development

In recent years, the impact of technological advancement on society has become increasingly significant, and the speed of these advancements is accelerating. To cope with the changing times and remain a leading company—these are our goals. Here, we introduce the strengths of Canon's research and development and the pathways we are pursuing.

Technological capabilities supporting Canon

Canon researches heavily in nine fields, coordinating efforts among each to deliver products and services that provide new value unlike anything Japan or the world has ever seen. As we follow the changing times and extend into new fields, we will continue to create solutions that revolutionize the way we live.

R&D fields

Core technologies

Medical Technologies

X-rays,Ultrasound,High magnetic field,High voltage,Medical and diagnostic applications,Image reconstruction,Picture archiving and Communication systems

Optical Technologies

Optical design,Optical measurement,Optical elements,Optical theory,Optical analysis

Machine and Control Technologies

Mechanical design,Mechanical control,Precision equipment operation and control,Mechatronic devices

Image Communication Technologies

High-quality image processing,Image processing and editing,Image coding,Image information processing

Printing Technologies

Image-formation processes,Optimal design of modules and systems

Device Technologies

Imaging elements,Display elements,Miniaturization,MEMS technology

Software and Hardware

Operating systems and middleware,IP,Controllers,Cloud computing,LSI and PKG,Substrates,Communication technologies

Material Technologies

Optical materials,Toners and inks,Electronic materials,Medical and bio materials,High-functional materials,Nano materials

Production Engineering Technologies

Production systems,Assembly technologies,Measuring and inspection technologies,Processing technologies,Process and production equipment technologies,Automation

Introduction to post categories

Published content

The content below explores Canon’s wide-ranging technology from every angle

Technology / Activities


Here you'll find information on our R&D activities, the technologies found in our products and services, and more

Developers' Story


Canon engineers share behind-the-scenes stories of the development of products prior to market launch.



Here you'll find videos introducing various Canon technologies

Business Fields & Technologies


Articles can be filtered by selecting technologies from Canon's four business fields: industry, home, professional, and office.

Non-technology-related information can be viewed from here.

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