Canon is striving to differentiate its products and improve their competitiveness through the possession of key components that determine the performance of products based on unique technologies.

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Sensors / Printed Wiring Boards / Motors

Contact Image SensorsContact Image Sensors

Used in such devices as printers, scanners, banknote readers and industrial inspection equipment.
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Printed Wiring BoardsPrinted Wiring Boards

Support a variety of reel-to-reel flexible printed circuit boards, from prototyping to mass production and mounting.
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Vacuum Components / Electron Tubes

真空コンポーネントVacuum Components

Essential components for equipment that utilize vacuums, such as vacuum gauges, pumps, mass spectrometers and X-ray sources.
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Microwave Tubes / Power Grid TubesMicrowave Tubes / Power Grid Tubes

Used in such devices as klystrons, gyrotrons, couplers and transmission tubes. Electron tubes that emit radio frequencies used in technologies including communications and meteorological observations.
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X線管X-ray Tubes

Rotary anode X-ray tubes for medical use, fixed anode X-ray tubes for analytical and industrial use.
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X-ray Flat Panel DetectorsX-ray Flat Panel Detectors

X-ray flat detectors with high sensitivity, high resolution and low noise.
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X-ray Image IntensifiersX-ray Image Intensifiers

Amplifiers for medical, dental and industrial X-ray fluoroscopy and photography.
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放射線検出器Radiation Detectors

Used for material structure analysis and thickness measurements of steel plates.
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