Semiconductor Lithography Equipment

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The most important step in semiconductor device fabrication is the lithography where a circuit pattern is transferred from a mask to a wafer or panel by precision Semiconductor Lithography Equipment commonly referred to as steppers or scanners.
Canon has developed a lineup of Semiconductor Lithography Equipment designed to meet the technical requirements of a wide range of applications in addition to traditional semiconductor wafer processing.

Semiconductor Lithography Equipment Lineup

KrF Scanners / Steppers


High Resolution / High Productivity KrF Scanner


Wide-Field / High Productivity KrF Scanner


KrF Stepper for IoT devices

i-line Steppers for Front-End-Of-the-Line (FEOL) Applications


High Productivity / High Overlay Accuracy i-line Stepper


Wide-Field / High Resolution i-line Stepper


i-Line Stepper supporting reduced Cost-of-Ownership manufacturing for small substrates


Low NA i-line stepper for power devices, IoT related devices, and smaller substrates of 200mm or less

i-line Steppers for Back-End-Of-the-Line (BEOL) and Advanced Packaging Applications

HR Option / LF Option

i-line stepper for advanced packaging with an optional lineup supporting high resolution and large exposure field


i-line stepper compatible with large panels at 1.0 μm resolution

Nanoimprint Lithography


Nanoimprint lithography equipment

Related system for Semiconductor Manufacturing


"MS-001" is a high-precision wafer alignment measurement device for semiconductor lithography systems.

Service for Semiconductor Lithography Equipment

Lithography Plus

“Lithography Plus” is a solution platform offering Canon’s support know-how to help maximize productivity for semiconductor lithography systems.


CANON Semiconductor Lithography Equipment Lineup(06'11")
CIAS(Canon Imaging Alignment Solutions)(02'30")
FPA-3030 Series Steppers (05'54")
Lithography tools for advanced packaging (FPA-5520iV, FPA-8000iW) (05'03")