Semiconductor Lithography Equipment


Low NA i-line stepper for power devices, IoT related devices, and smaller substrates of 200mm or less

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Basic Information

Model Name: FPA-3030iWa


The FPA-3030iWa supports smaller substrates which are 200 mm or less in diameter.

  • *A wide range of wafer sizes from 50mm (2inch) to 200mm (8inch) are supported.
  • *FPA-3030 platform that has already demonstrated high reliability among customers in the market since release.
  • *Wide exposure field of 52mm x 52mm is available.

Supports a wide range of needs for manufacturing of various devices and their processes

A 52 mm x 52 mm wide-field projection lens with a variable numerical aperture (NA) ranging from 0.16 to 0.24 delivers a large depth of focus (DOF) and enabling both high-precision exposure and creation of line width patterns with high uniformity.

Supports a variety of different wafer sizes and materials

The FPA-3030iWa can be equipped with a handling system that enables the selection of wafer diameters from 50mm (2inch) to 200mm (8inch) to support a variety of different compound semiconductor wafer sizes and materials.

Adopts an off-axis alignment scope with enhanced robustness

The FPA-3030iWa employs an off-axis alignment scope that measures wafer alignment marks through an optical path that does not pass through the projection lens. This allows the off-axis alignment system to use a wide range of alignment illumination wavelengths, providing robust alignment process optimization.

Improved throughput through newly redesigned hardware and software

The system updates make the FPA-3030iWa compatible with new options including wafer transfer functions supporting warped and transparent wafer processes such as silicon carbide and alignment system options that allow simultaneous X & Y alignment mark measurement to increase stepper productivity.


Resolution ≦ 0.8 µm
NA (Numerical Aperture) 0.24-0.16 (Variable)
Reduction Ratio 1:2
Field Size 52mm x 52mm
Exposure Wavelength i-Line 365nm
Reticle Size 6inch
Wafer Size 50mm(2inch) / 75mm(3inch) / 100mm(4inch) / 150mm(6inch) / 200mm(8inch) (Selection)
Overlay Accuracy ≦ 100nm
Main Body Dimensions (W) 1,900× (D) 2,600× (H) 2,450mm
Major Options Wafer handling Kit for Special Substrates
PC Remote Console
GEM-compliant online software
Pellicle particle Checker