Corporate Governance

Fundamental Policy

In order to establish a sound corporate governance structure and continuously raise corporate value, Canon Inc. believes that it is essential to improve management transparency and strengthen management supervising functions. At the same time, a sense of ethics and mission held by each executive and employee of a company is very important in order to achieve continuous corporate growth and development.

Risk Management

Basic Approach

At Canon, we recognize that to ensure proper operations and to continually improve corporate value, implementation and maintenance of a risk management system to deal with significant risks that the Group may face in business operations is vital.

Intellectual Property Management

Approach to Intellectual Property

Canon has always been an R&D-led company. Our growth as an enterprise relies on proactive R&D to support the creation of new markets and customer segments based on the development of products using proprietary technologies. This history underpins our belief that it is products and intellectual property (IP) that are the fruits of R&D. Canon’s IP Division emphasizes the role of intellectual property activities in supporting business development.

Brand Management

Approach to Brand Management

Canon implements brand management to ensure that customers and society are not adversely affected by improper handling of the Canon logo within the Group or its misuse by third parties.

Brand management activities across the Group are based on the concept that building the brand is a collective pursuit in which every Group company is involved in adding value to the brand.