A Grand Strategic Transformation

Canon is forging ahead toward grand strategic transformation for new growth.

A business portfolio transformation

Canon promotes growth strategies based on four new businesses.

Anticipating the market maturity of its core businesses, Canon will use M&A and other management techniques to reconfigure its business portfolio with a focus on BtoB businesses, centered on four new businesses: commercial printing, network cameras, medical, and industrial equipment. Canon is pursuing a company-wide effort to promote a grand strategic transformation for new growth.

Society realized by four new businesses that are responsible for a grand strategic transformation

The grand strategic transformation enters its second phase

Reorganizing into four industry-oriented business groups

Having completed the reconfiguration of its business portfolio, Canon launched Phase VI of the "Excellent Global Corporation Plan" in 2021. The second phase of its grand strategic transformation, Canon is reconfiguring its organization, including group companies, into a new industry-oriented business group structure.
Within the new industry-oriented business group structure, Canon will enhance business competitiveness and encourage innovation by deepening collaboration among the technologies and human resources of each business and group company.

Reorganizing into four industry-oriented business groups and encourage innovation(03'23'')

Current status of new industry-oriented business group structure

Creation of further new businesses

A new company-wide "Frontier Business Promotion Division" was established in 2021. Leveraging all the technologies Canon has cultivated over the years, the division has strengthened efforts to commercialize solutions in the life science and materials businesses, as well as manufacturing technology and component development. In addition, each business group and group company also edits various aspects of Canon's strengths in a wide range of technologies to create new businesses, including solutions that contribute to solving social issues in such industries as space, agriculture, and entertainment.

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