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Excellent Global Corporation Plan Phase VI 2021-2025

In 1996, Canon launched the Excellent Global Corporation Plan, a medium- to long-term management program focused on major reforms and ambitious objectives, with the goal of becoming a truly excellent company that is admired and respected around the world.
In 2021, Phase VI of the plan commenced under the policy of accelerating our productivity improvement and corporate portfolio transformation through new business creation and to this end various activities are underway.

1. Thoroughly strengthen competitiveness of industry-oriented business groups

Printing Group

  • Expand commercial printing business and establish industrial printing business to lead the digital printing market
  • Strengthen products and services by leveraging strengths in electrophotographic and inkjet technologies, while expanding DX-capable product lineups and reducing costs

Medical Group

  • Focus on attaining top global market share for CT while strengthening competitiveness of MRI and Ultrasound diagnostic systems
  • Expand market share in overseas markets, especially in the U.S., the world's largest medical device market, by reinforcing sales company operations in this important region

Imaging Group

  • Establish No.1 global market share in mirrorless camera market, and strengthen total solution of camera body and software of network cameras
  • Develop new businesses such as XR systems and volumetric video systems on the strength of optical and network technologies, and establish a smart mobility business

Industrial Group

  • In semiconductor lithography equipment, respond to booming market demand and re-expand markets in Europe and the U.S.
  • Strive to improve product competitiveness in flat panel display (FPD) production equipment, and accelerate development of new methods and materials in OLED production equipment

2. Improve group wide productivity through extensive reinforcement of Canon's global headquarter functions

  • Thorough cash flow management
  • Establish a more dynamic and merit based HR management system
  • Promote cost reduction initiatives across the whole Group
  • Focus on innovations that lead to new product development, and take necessary measures to respond to drastically changing business environment


2025 Management Targets

Net Sales ¥4.5 trillion or more
Operating Profit Ratio 12% or more
Net Income Ratio 8% or more
Shareholder’s Equity Ratio 65% or more

*Based on exchange rate of USD=¥105、EUR=¥120

Canon’s Road to Phase VI

Phase I 1996-2000 To strengthen its financial structure, Canon transformed its mindset to a focus on total optimization and profitability. The company introduced various business innovations, including the selection and consolidation of business areas, and reform activities in such areas as production and development.
Phase II 2001-2005 Aiming to become No.1 in all major business areas, Canon focused on strengthening product competitiveness and stepped up efforts to digitize products. The company also conducted structural reforms across all Canon Group companies around the world.
Phase III 2006-2010 Canon moved ahead with such growth strategies as enhancing existing businesses and expanding into new areas while also thoroughly implementing supply chain management and IT reforms.
Phase IV 2011-2015 Canon's management policy has shifted from a strategy targeting expansion of scale to one aimed at further strengthening the company's financial structure. Through M&A activities, the company's business was restructured at the foundational level to introduce new growth engines for future expansion.
Phase V 2016-2020 Pursuing new growth, Canon initiated expansion of its four new businesses and completed the first stage of the grand strategic transformation, which involved transitioning the company's business portfolio.

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