Excellent Global Corporation Plan Phase VI
Key Strategy

1. Thoroughly strengthen the competitiveness of industry-oriented business groups

  • Expand and reorganize the entire company, shifting from product-oriented groups to four industry-oriented groups
  • Strengthen the organization by reviewing the technical capabilities and business areas from a group-wide perspective
  • Improve development and production within each group and create new businesses while also pursuing M&A and related business

Printing Group

Leveraging strengths in digital printing technology and its global sales and service network, Canon aims to become the global leader in office and home printing solutions in the DX era. Furthermore, the company plans to further expand its commercial printing business and fortify its industrial printing business.

Key Product Categories: Office multifunction devices, document solutions, inkjet printers, large-format printers, laser printers/multifunction printers, continuous feed presses, sheet-fed presses, calculators, etc.

Medical Group

Canon will strengthen its competitiveness and U.S.-centered sales network in such core product categories as CT, MRI and diagnostic ultrasound systems. The goal is to be No. 1 in CTs and a leading manufacturer of other diagnostic imaging systems. The healthcare IT and in-vitro diagnostics businesses will be further expanded.

Key Product Categories: Digital radiography, angiography systems, CT diagnostic systems, MRI systems, diagnostic ultrasound systems, clinical laboratory systems, ophthalmic equipment, diagnostic support solutions, etc.

Imaging Group

Canon will expand its imaging business by broadening the conventional camera industry to include the optical industry. Along with being No.1 in mirrorless cameras, the network camera business is being expanded. New video experience markets such as XR are also being developed and Canon is entering the mobility field.

Key Product Categories: Interchangeable-lens digital cameras, interchangeable lenses, network cameras, digital camcorders, digital cinema cameras, multimedia projectors, broadcast lenses, onboard cameras, etc.

Industrial Group

To meet the growing demand for semiconductor and display manufacturing systems, Canon is expanding its production system for such equipment and is strengthening its customer support organization. Next-generation nanoimprint lithography manufacturing technology is also being developed with the goal of early commercialization.

Key Product Categories: Semiconductor lithography equipment, flat panel display (FPD) lithography systems, OLED panel manufacturing equipment, vacuum thin-film deposition equipment, die bonders, micro motors, handy terminals, document scanners, etc.

Frontier Business

Building on the foundation of its existing technologies, Canon is exploring new business in the fields of life science, materials and solutions. The aim is to develop strong new businesses by sharply defining the target markets through targeted "selection and concentration."

2. Improve group-wide productivity through extensive reinforcement of Canon's global headquarters function

Reinforce central functions to support growth strategies of industry-oriented groups


Thorough cash flow management

Renewed focus on thorough cash flow management undertaken to reinforce Canon's solid financial foundation in preparation for a major investment or a future economic crisis. Accelerated debt repayment associated with M&A to ensure a strong financial position.

Establish a more dynamic and merit-based HR management system

In line with diversifying employment and work styles, Canon has implemented a HR management system to boost employee productivity. Through training programs aligned to the business portfolio and an in-house career shift system, Canon assigns each person to the most suitable role.

Promote cost reduction initiatives across the whole Group

Canon pursues cost reduction through the adoption of automation and in-house production, which includes production technology, development, design, procurement and factories. The company also strives to realize a globally optimized procurement network and streamlined logistics.

Focus on innovations for new product development and respond to dramatic changes in the business environment

While further strengthening the headquarters’ R&D functions, which contribute to the profitability of each industry group, Canon will promptly respond to changes in the business environment such as carbon neutrality and ensuring economic security across the entire company.