The Canon monozukuri way

It is the pursuit of creating more advanced products and services.
Monozukuri has continued to evolve not only through high technical capability, but also through the know-how gained from repeated trial-and-error. The evolution of monozukuri is the driving force of future society.
Monozukuri has no end point—it is a process of ceaseless evolution

The monozukuri process

Canon and monozukuri

Canon produces a wide variety of products of all shapes and sizes. It is not enough simply to fabricate parts from schematics and then put them all together—our products require a very high level of precision coordination and adjustment.
With an eye on the future, Canon is steadily working toward fully automated production systems. At the same, we are investing heavily in skills training and development along with mentoring programs to facilitate the transfer of experience and expertise.
This is the Canon approach to monozukuri.

A new monozukuri approach for the modern era

Monozukuri has changed greatly in line with advances in modern technology.
Canon has actively embraced automation of production processes and the use of advanced IT solutions. We have also invested considerable time and effort toward developing monozukuri technology in areas that rely on human experience, such as production methods for parts and materials, as well as adjustment and coordination of multiple parts.

Training and mentoring programs

Monozukuri requires human skill and ingenuity, which can only come through longstanding experience and expertise. Canon is committed to the ongoing development of monozukuri by nurturing workers and encouraging them to demonstrate dedication and perseverance. We also train world-leading monozukuri experts and run mentoring programs that ensure valuable skills and expertise are passed on.

The factory floor is where innovation takes place

Canon's global network of functional and well-organized production facilities produces everything from tiny cameras to industrial production equipment bigger than a truck, all of which require high-precision work.
Every Canon worker contributes ideas and expertise to the ongoing evolution of monozukuri.