Manufacturing facilities


Canon has many key production facilities in Japan, including several designated “mother factories” that provide a template for Canon facilities around the world. Mother factories are exemplars of the integrated production approach whereby the design, development, production technology and manufacturing departments are seamlessly combined.

Canon Precision Inc.

The exciting future of monozukuri — creating new value

Canon Precision manufactures optical semiconductor sensors and other key electronic components, toner cartridges for laser printers and more. Canon Precision is committed achieving ever-higher standards of quality and performance.

The appearance of Canon Precision
Inside of Canon Precision
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Fukushima Canon Inc.

Key inkjet production facility

Fukushima Canon produces inkjet printers along with ink cartridges and tanks, and boasts an integrated in-house system encompassing design, manufacture and servicing of production machinery and metal molds. The facility covers a wide range of monozukuri fields including machining, precision assembly and molding, combining expert craftsmanship with IoT technology to create advanced production systems that realize high standards of quality and reliability.

The appearance of Fukushima Canon
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Inside of Fukushima Canon

Canon Tokki Corporation

Leading producer of OLED displays featuring vacuum technology

Canon Tokki Corporation has established itself as the premier supplier of production equipment for OLED displays used in consumer products such as smartphones and TVs. A winning combination of team spirit and unique technology is used in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge production equipment such as vacuum deposition machines, together with associated after-sales technical support. Canon Tokki Corporation is dedicated to ongoing innovation in a world of constant change.

The appearance of Canon Tokki Corporation
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Employees of Canon Tokki Corporation

Canon Medical Systems Corporation

Advanced, high-quality products that support the health industry

Medical equipment represents a major growth area for Canon. Canon Medical Systems plays a key role in the development, manufacture, distribution and after-sales servicing of CT and MRI systems and a range of other medical equipment and devices that deliver improved health and lifestyle outcomes for patients all over the world. While embracing automation and small-lot diversified production approaches, Canon Medical Systems is proud to carry on the tradition of human-led craftsmanship in monozukuri, as exemplified by the Contemporary Takumi (Master Craftsman) system.

The appearance of Canon Medical Systems Corporation
Employees of Canon Medical Systems Corporation
Inside of Canon Medical Systems Corporation

Canon Inc.-Utsunomiya Plant

The flagship lens factory housing advanced optical technology

The Utsunomiya Plant is Canon’s main lens manufacturing facility, producing a wide range of optical products including interchangeable lenses for cameras and broadcast-quality lenses for television studios. This is where top-of-the-line lenses, including the professional-level white telephoto lenses, are individually crafted by skilled technicians. The Utsunomiya Plant has produced many exceptional craftsmen over the years, including a number of Canon Meisters and “Takumi” Master Craftsmen. The facility also implements world-leading environmental initiatives such as 100% water recycling that mitigates the water requirements of lens production.

The appearance of Canon Utsunomiya Plant
Employees of Canon Utsunomiya Plant
Automated equipment for lens production

Canon Inc.-Utsunomiya Optical Products Plant

Global supplier of displays and semiconductor chips

The Utsunomiya Optical Products Plant designs and produces lithography systems, which are industrial devices used to make semiconductor chips and display panels. These systems utilize a wide range of Canon’s cutting-edge technologies, including large mirrors and lenses, positioning systems and high-speed measuring systems that feature our legendary optical technology and precision machining technology that realizes accuracy on the scale of one-millionth of a millimeter. The plant manufactures large industrial devices, some as tall as a two-story house, in clean rooms where dust and contamination levels are strictly controlled. The Utsunomiya Optical Products Plant is a truly global supplier, providing components and finished devices to leading production facilities all over the world.

The appearance of Canon Utsunomiya Optical Products Plant
Inside of Canon Utsunomiya Optical Products Plant
Employees of Canon Utsunomiya Optical Products Plant

Canon Chemicals Inc.

Monozukuri of functional polymers, precision molding and machining techniques

Canon Chemicals produces toner cartridges (the core of the laser printer), advanced functional high polymer components (which play a pivotal role in printer performance), and a range of light-blocking coatings and adhesives. The manufacturing division at Canon Chemicals brings together expertise from a wide range of non-chemistry disciplines such as machinery, electronics, physics, information engineering and industrial engineering. Advanced technical expertise in high polymer precision functional components provides a foundation for exploring new developments in other fields.

The appearance of Canon Chemicals
Employees of Canon Chemicals
Employees of Canon Chemicals

Canon Inc.-Toride Plant

Monozukuri training base and mother factory for office equipment

The Toride Plant is Canon’s key R&D and production facility for multifunction office devices and commercial printers. Known as the mother factory for office equipment, it is also the main training base for future monozukuri leaders at office equipment production facilities in Thailand, Malaysia and elsewhere. As Canon’s key training facility, the Toride Plant is an important center for Chie-Tech (smart design equipment) and continuous improvement programs.
Training courses are available in such fields as mechatronics and programming, as well as dedicated training sessions for entrants in the National Skills Competition. In this way, the Toride Plant provides a comprehensive grounding in the art of monozukuri.

The appearance of Canon Toride Plant
Inside of Canon Toride Plant
Trainees of the preparatory course for the National Skills Competition

Canon Finetech Nisca Inc.

Streamlined monozukuri that links product development, production, QA and business divisions

Canon Finetech Nisca is a world leader in paper handling systems such as MFP finishers, paper decks and automated bookbinding machines as well as related products including label printers, card printers and DC motors. The company’s unique "concurrent” approach combines product development, production, QA and business divisions, enabling products to be brought to market faster while maintaining the highest quality standards.

The appearance of Canon Finetech Nisca
Employees of Canon Finetech Nisca
Inside of Canon Finetech Nisca

Canon Electronics Inc.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation, backed by genuine “Made in Japan” quality

Canon Electronics supplies an extensive range of products and services—from precision components for cameras and printers to document scanners, portable payment terminals, compact production equipment, medical devices and even space technology such as satellites. The company embraces a holistic approach to monozukuri, where employees are involved at all stages from planning and product development through to production technology, manufacturing and marketing. This approach delivers both high productivity and high quality standards, helping to push the boundaries of innovation in a wide range of areas.

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Inside of Canon Electronics
Employees of Canon Electronics

Nagahama Canon Inc.

A leading innovator in manufacturing technology charts a course of constant evolution

Nagahama Canon manufactures laser beam printers and toner cartridges as well as production-related equipment for semiconductor lithography devices. In 1998, it became the first Canon Group facility to introduce the “cell production” system and quickly established itself as a leading proponent of small-lot diversified production.
Nagahama Canon remains committed to the ongoing evolution of monozukuri through innovations designed to reduce production costs without compromising quality. Examples include automated in-house systems that handle all processes—from product concepts and design to manufacturing—as well as in-house production of molded parts and materials and digitalization of processes from parts inventory and production through to product shipping.

The appearance of Nagahama Canon

Oita Canon Inc.

A comprehensive monozukuri facility producing cutting-edge products with cutting-edge technology

Oita Canon is constantly evolving as it pursues world-leading monozukuri, providing a comprehensive suite of products and services including the full range of Canon products as well as key parts and components, automated machinery and equipment (designed and manufactured in-house) and repair services.

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Inside of Oita Canon

Oita Canon Materials Inc.

Supplying reliable and high-quality products to markets around the world

Oita Canon Materials supplies global markets with toner cartridges for laser printers, ink cartridges for inkjet printers and toner bottles for copy machines and office multifunction devices. The company actively incorporates the latest technological innovations for in-house development and production of components and devices as well as robotics and automation. Oita Canon Materials is committed to providing a vibrant and engaging workplace environment while striving to maintain a competitive advantage on the international stage.

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Employees of Oita Canon Materials

Nagasaki Canon Inc.

Comprehensive manufacturing facility featuring diversified multi-function production system

Nagasaki Canon is a dedicated manufacturer of Canon camera products for skilled enthusiast and professional photographers, including compact digital, mirrorless, digital SLR and network cameras. As a smart factory boasting the latest automated monozukuri production lines, Nagasaki Canon is a global monozukuri leader with a strong commitment to pursuing the ongoing development of intelligent production systems.

The appearance of Nagasaki Canon
Inside of Nagasaki Canon
Employees of Nagasaki Canon

Miyazaki Canon Inc.

Next-generation production facility championing the future of monozukuri

Miyazaki Canon produces digital SLR and mirror-less cameras, interchangeable camera lenses and professional digital video camcorders. The facility boasts a futuristic new smart factory, launched in 2019, that brings together the combined expertise of the Canon Group. The high-efficiency smart factory can be configured for both large and small production runs and a diverse range of product types.

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Employees of Miyazaki Canon
Inside of Miyazaki Canon