8mm Camcorders

8mm Camcorders



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Marketed March 1993
Original Price For export only (no Japanese market price)

Canon sought to create an “easy-to-use, single-unit video camcorder” offering high cost-performance. For smoother operation, the E520[A] / E300[E] features the world’s first pop-up-type video light, which is stored inside body, and allows users to engage the video light with the touch of a button. It also has a European-style design with attractive curves.

Video recording system 2 rotary heads, helical scanning system
– Luminance signal: FM azimuth recording
– Chrominance signal: Converted subcarrier phase shift recording
Audio recording system Frequency multiplexing with the video signal by rotary head (Hi-Fi monaural)
Television system NTSC system (E520) , PAL system (E300)
Tape format 8 videocassette (E520 : P6 type , E300 : P5 type)
Tape speed E520 1.43cm/s
E300 20.05mm/s (at SP mode) , 10.03mm/s (at LP mode)
Maximum recording time E520 150 min. (with a 150-min. cassette)
E300 90 min. at SP mode, 180 min. at LP mode (with a 90-min. cassette)
Fast forward/rewind time E520 6.5 min. (with a 120-min. cassette)
E300 6.5 min. (with a 90-min. cassette)
Image sensor 1/3″ CCD (charge-coupled device)
E520 270,000 pixels (250,000 effective pixels)
E300 320,000 pixels (300,000 effective pixels)
Viewfinder 0.6″ monochrome viewfinder
Built-in microphone Electret condenser microphone
Lens 6.7-67mm focal length, f/2.0 (at wide angle), 12 groups 13 lenses, filter diameter: 37mm, Minimum shooting distance: 60cm (at AF mode), 4mm (at Power Zoom mode)
Focusing system Near-infrared autofocus/manual focusing possible
Color temperature switching Auto-homing
Minimum illumination Approx. 2 lx
Recommended illumination More than 100 lx
Illumination range Approx. 1 lx-100,000 lx
Aperture Auto iris servo system
Output terminal (level/impedance) Video/audio output terminal RCA-pin jack, input/output switchable (audio/video)
Video output terminal 1Vp-p/75 ohms unbalanced synchronized load
Audio output terminal -10dBv (at 47 kohms load)/less than 3 kohms unbalanced
Output terminal 2.5mm mini jack, 5V DC
Video light Built-in, pop-up flash (halogen lamp)
Lighting angle/optical axis center illumination Approx. 35°/35 lx
Power supply 6V DC
Power consumption
(when recording and auto-focusing)
Approx. 5.6W
Operating temperature range 32-104°F (0-40°c)
Dimensions 122mm x 115mm x 257mm (excluding tiny projection)
Weight Body: Approx. 920g
When recording: indistinct