8mm Camcorders

8mm Camcorders



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Marketed September 1994
Original Price 245,000 yen

The UCX1Hi[E] / UC-E1Hi[J] was developed to meet the needs of professionals and advanced amateurs. It featured a mechanism based on Canon’s proprietary eye-control autofocus system. This mechanism allows the camcorder to focus by determining where users are looking as they look through the viewfinder, whether the subject is moving or located at different distances from the user. Advances in compactness and lightness were also facilitated by the addition of a digital image-processing IC and optical image stabilizer.

Video recording system 2 rotary heads, helical scanning system
– Luminance signal: FM azimuth recording
– Chrominance signal: Converted subcarrier phase shift recording
Audio recording system Frequency multiplexing with the video signal by rotary head (Hi-Fi monaural)
Television system PAL system (UCX1Hi) , NTSC system (UC-E1Hi)
Tape format 8 videocassette (UCX1Hi : P5/E5 type , UC-E1Hi : P6/E6 type)
Tape speed UCX1Hi 20.05mm/s (at SP mode)
UC-E1Hi 1.43cm/s
Maximum recording time UCX1Hi 90 min. at SP mode, 180 min. at LP mode (with a 90-min. cassette)
UC-E1Hi 150 min. (with a 150-min. cassette)
Fast forward/rewind time UCX1Hi 8 min. (with a 90-min. cassette)
UC-E1Hi 8 min. (with a 120-min. cassette)
Image sensor 1/3″ CCD (charge-coupled device)
UCX1Hi 470,000 pixels (440,000 effective pixels)
UC-E1Hi 410,000 pixels (380,000 effective pixels)
Viewfinder 0.7″ color LCD viewfinder
Built-in microphone Electret condenser microphone
Lens 5.2-62.4mm focal length, f/1.8 (at wide angle), 8 groups 10 lenses with an aspherical lens, step-up ring diameter: 49mm, P = 0.75, Minimum shooting distance: 1cm (at wide), 100cm (at midrange), 80cm (at tele)
Focusing system TTL autofocus / Eye-Control autofocus / manual focusing possible
Image stabilizer Optical, with Vari-Angle Prism
Color temperature switching Auto-homing
Minimum illumination Approx. 3 lx
Recommended illumination More than 100 lx
Illumination range Approx. 3 lx-100,000 lx
Aperture Auto iris servo system
Output terminal (level/impedance) Video/audio output terminal RCA-pin jack, input/output switchable (audio/video)
Video output terminal 1Vp-p/75 ohms unbalanced synchronized load
Audio output terminal -10dBv (at 47 kohms load) / less than 3 kohms unbalanced
S-Video output terminal 4-pin mini-DIN, input/output switchable
Output terminal 2.5mm mini jack, 5V DC
External microphone terminal 3.5mm stereo mini jack
Power supply 7.2V DC
Power consumption
(when recording and auto-focusing)
Approx. 7.7W
Operating temperature range 32-104°F (0-40°c)
Dimensions 100mm x 101mm x 188mm (excluding tiny projection)
Weight Body: Approx. 700g
When recording: Approx. 850g
(including battery, 8mm videocassette, button-type lithium battery and lens cap)