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Marketed April 2019
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The EOS Kiss X10, a digital SLR (DSLR) camera and successor to the EOS Kiss X9 (released in July 2017), which was highly rated for its compact, lightweight design. At approximately 449 g, the (black and silver) EOS Kiss X10’s compact body achieves the world’s lightest1 weight for a DSLR equipped with a vari-angle LCD monitor, making it easy to grab-and-go for such scenarios as a child’s sports day or travelling with friends, allowing even entry-level users to enjoy effortless image capture.

While looking through the optical viewfinder, a distinguishing feature of DSLR cameras, users can enjoy up to approximately 5.0 frames-per-second continuous shooting. What’s more, when capturing images in Live View mode, the camera utilizes Dual Pixel CMOS AF—an autofocus technology in which each effective pixel on the CMOS sensor is able to perform both phase-difference AF and imaging functions—to realize high-speed AF focusing of approximately 0.03 seconds2. Additionally, the camera’s touch-screen vari-angle LCD monitor makes possible enjoyable image capture in a variety of settings.

Equipped with a DIGIC 8 image processor and an approximately 24.1 million effective3 pixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor, the EOS Kiss X10 realizes high-resolution still image and 4K video capture. Additionally, the camera features a built-in4 Digital Lens Optimizer, which corrects for such anomalies as lens aberrations, to make possible high-image-quality shooting.

The EOS Kiss X10 realizes enhanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF with an expanded focus area when shooting in Live View mode. When used in combination with compatible interchangeable lenses5, the camera achieves an expanded focus area of approximately 100% (vertically) x 88% (horizontally). What’s more, users can choose from as many as 3,975 selectable AF points. Additionally, featuring Eye AF6, which can detect and focus on the subject’s pupil, even when using Servo AF and Video Servo AF, the camera makes possible the effortless capture of the facial expressions of moving human subjects.

1 The EOS Kiss X10 black and silver models achieve the world’s lightest weight of approximately 449 g, while the EOS Kiss X10 white model weights approximately 451 g (both figures include battery and memory card, based on CIPA guidelines). As of April 9, 2019, based on a Canon survey.
2 Calculated from the results of measured AF time, based on CIPA guidelines (differs depending on shooting conditions and lens used). Measured using internal methods. Measurement conditions; Focus brightness: EV12 (average temperature/ISO 100), Shooting Mode: M, using the EF-S18–55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM (at a focal length of 55 mm) with the following settings: shutter released using the shutter button, Live View AF shooting, one-point AF (center), one-shot AF.
3 Actual pixel count: approximately 25.8 million pixels.
4 A maximum of three lenses at a time can be registered on the camera body.
5 For details, please see the Canon homepage.
6 Usable with Face Tracking Priority AF mode and Eye AF mode when using One-Shot AF,
Servo AF and Video Servo AF. Automatically selects the eye closest to the camera when first activated. If both eyes are equidistant to the camera, the eye closest to the center of the image is selected. Left or right eye can be selected manually.