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Marketed November 1979
Original Price 42,800 yen, 2,000 yen (case)

This was the world’s first Lens-Shutter 35mm autofocus camera at the time. It used a triangulation system with a near-infrared emitting diode (IRED).

The active AF system had the IRED emit a near-infrared beam so its reflection was received by a pin photo diode.

When the shutter button is pressed halfway, the IRED emits a near-infrared beam on the subject. The beam reflected by the subject was received by the pin photo diode. A triangulation was thereby created in the same way as with an optical coincidence rangefinder. The lens draw is adjusted automatically to match the subject distance for focusing. The near-infrared beam also enabled focusing under low-light conditions, making the camera a hit product. The name “Autoboy” became synonymous with AF compact cameras.

Type 35mm Lens-Shutter autofocus camera with program EE and built-in flash
Picture Size 24 x 36 mm
AF System Triangulation system with near-infrared beam. Prefocus enabled.
Lens 38mm f/2.8 (4 elements in 3 groups)
Shutter Electronically-controlled programmed shutter and aperture. EV 6 (f/2.8 at 1/8 sec.) – 17 (f/16 at 1/500 sec.). Built-in electronic self-timer.
Viewfinder Reversed Galilean viewfinder with projected frames. Within the image area are the AF frame, zone focusing marks for near, medium, and far distances, parallax correction marks, and battery check and camera-shake warning. 0.5x magnification, 85% coverage.
EE CdS cell for full-auto program EE. Metering range of EV 6 – 17 (at ISO 100). Film speed range of ISO 25 – 400.
Built-in Flash Guide No. 14 (at ISO 100 in meters). Manual pop-up. Fill-flash enabled.
Power Source Two 1.5 V size-AA batteries for camera and built-in flash.
Film Loading &
Slotted take-up spool. Advances automatically with built-in motor when the shutter button is pressed.
Frame Counter Counts up. Resets automatically when camera back is opened.
Film Rewind Power rewind with rewind switch.
Dimensions &
132 x 77 x 54 mm, 405 g