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IX 240 Focal-Plane Shutter SLR Camera




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Marketed October 1996
Original Price 92,000 yen (body),
150,000 yen (w/EF 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 USM MS)

This is an IX 240 SLR camera in the EOS line, making it compatible with EF lenses. It also features Eye Control which enables you to select the desired focusing point with your eye. A Multi-BASIS AF sensor (|+|) is used. The focusing point can also be selected manually. The exterior features a stainless steel alloy finish and the body is shaped as a circle around the lens mount for a futuristic look. Drop-in film loading, magnetic recording of all IX information, and midroll change make the camera a top-notch IX 240 camera. The EF 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 USM MS lens marketed at the same time matches the color of the camera body.

Type Fully automatic IX 240 focal-plane shutter multi-mode AF SLR
Picture Size 16.7×30.2 mm (C, H, and P formats also selectable with IX data)
Canon EF lenses
Lens Mount EF mount
AF System TTL phase detection. AF modes: One-Shot AF/Predictive AI Servo AF (automatic switchover). Multi-BASIS (|+|) for the AF sensor. Three focusing points selectable by Eye Control, dial operation, or by the camera automatically. AF operating range at ISO 100: EV 2 – 18.5. AF mode selected with a button.
LCD superimposition within image area. In the Full Auto mode and Programmed Image Control modes (except the Sports mode), an in-focus beeper also sounds.
Shutter Vertical-travel, focal-plane electronic shutter. 30 sec. – 1/4000 sec., B. X-sync at 1/200 sec. In the manual and shutter speed-priority AE modes, the shutter speed can be set in 1/2-stop increments. Hot shoe provided for flash sync. Built-in electronic self-timer (AF-assist lamp blinks and beeper sounds).
Viewfinder Fixed eye-level roof mirror. 0.6x magnification (at 40mm focal length and infinity) and 95% print coverage.
Superimposed LCD within image area: Focusing points (3 superimposed LED points, active point lights by Eye Control or dial operation), C-, H-, and P-format masks, and P-format mask. 7-segment LCD outside the image area: Shutter speed, aperture setting, depth-of-field AE, calibration, and FE lock. Yellow-green LCD mask: AE lock, exposure level dot scale (±2 EV in 1/2-stop increments), manual exposure level, autobracketing amount, Eye Control mode, Eye Control failure (blinks), and other indications.
Metering &
Exposure Control
SPC for TTL full-aperture metering (6-zone evaluative, 6.5% partial metering at center, center-weighted averaging [set automatically in manual mode]) with shutter speed-priority AE, aperture-priority AE, shiftable Intelligent program AE, depth-of-field AE, five program AE modes, and metered manual. Manual exposure compensation range of ±2 EV (in 1/2-stop increments). AE lock enabled with a button. Autobracketing range of ±2 EV (in 1/2-stop increments) for three consecutive frames. Metering range at ISO 100 and f/1.4: EV 1 – 20. Film speed range: ISO 25 to 8000 (in 1/3-stop increments with DX code).
Built-in Flash Located on pentaprism hump. Retractable head. TTL autoflash control (fires automatically in backlight and low-light conditions in the Full Auto and certain Programmed Image Control modes) with off-the-film metering. TTL autoflash uses a TTL program to set the flash aperture automatically according to 3-zone evaluative metering linked to the focusing point. Guide No. 11 (at ISO 100 in m). Fill-flash enabled. Red-eye reduction lamp provided.

* With the optional Canon Speedlite 220EX or 380EX, the flash specifications and features are the same as with the New EOS Kiss.

Power Source Two 6V CR123A lithium battery (auto battery check provided)
Film Loading &
Drop-in auto loading. Automatic film advance with built-in motor. Single-frame and continuous advance (2.5 fps) enabled.
Midroll Change Different types (film speed, color or B/W) of IX 240 film can be loaded in midroll. The camera reads the IX data to advance to the next unexposed frame.
Film Rewind Fully automatic with built-in motor. Midroll rewind/change enabled.
Frame Counter Two-digit display with 7-segment LCD. Counts up during film advance, and counts down during rewind.
Year, month, day; day, hour, minute.
IX Data Magnetic head for two-track writing and single-track reading.
Dimensions &
132 x 80 x 59 mm, 485 g (with battery)