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35mm Lens-Shutter Camera


PRIMA BF-80/Date

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Marketed April 1997
Original Price For export only (no Japanese market price)

A 35 mm single focal length compact camera featuring an extra-large, easy-to-see viewfinder. Features a built-in flash with manual Flash ON/OFF modes. The model has a flat body with a film-verification window in the back.

Type Fully automatic 35mm fixed-focus single focal length Lens Shutter camera
Picture Size 24 x 36mm
Lens 32mm, f/6.7, 3 elements in 3 groups
Shutter Programmed Lens Shutter; Flash OFF mode: 1/60,f/6.2 to 1/250,f/8, Auto mode: 1/90,f/6.2 to 1/250,f/8 Self-timer: Electronically controlled, 10-second time delay
Viewfinder Reverse Galileo type, picture frame, 0.58x magnification, 75% picture coverage, OK-to-shoot green LED indicator (located on right side of viewfinder), 10mm eyepoint
EE CdS exterior light receptor; range EV12 to EV16; No warning indicator for insufficient lighting conditions ISO Film Speed Range: ISO 100, 400 (Set automatically with DX-coded film)
Built-in Flash Built-in flash unit, Fires automatically in low-light conditions; Red-Eye Reduction feature; Guide No. 9 (ISO 100. m), ISO 100: 1.5 to 2 meters, ISO 400: 1.5 to 3 meters; approx. 5-second recycle time (with new batteries), Manual ON/OFF switch, Daylight Synchronization possible
(“Date” models only) Imprint selections: Year/Month/Day, Month/Day/Year, Day/Month/Year, Day/Hour/Minute, No imprint
Power Source Two AA-size Alkaline batteries (enables shooting approx. 53 rolls of 24-exposure film with 50% AE and flash use under normal temperature conditions); Not compatible with Ni-Cd or lithium batteries
Film Loading &
Automatic loading; film is advanced to frame 1 automatically after being loaded and the back is closed/Automatic film advance with built-in motor
Frame Counter Automatic mechanical counter; Permits film advance and rewind verification
Film Rewind Automatic film rewind with built-in motor; Mid-roll rewind possible
Dimensions &
Snappy QT: 125 x 70 x 47mm, 205 g / without battery
Snappy QT Date: 125 x 70 x 49.9mm, 215 g / without battery