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Marketed September 1998
Original Price 23,500 yen

A compact single focal length autofocus Advanced Photo System camera with approximately the same dimensions as the IXY 310, launched one year earlier. The camera, weighing only 115 grams, was introduced at the time of its launch as the world’s lightest single focal length Advanced Photo System camera. The model features a stylish design and a sleek silver metallic finish. As do other models in the series, the camera offers a variety of the benefits made possible by the Advanced Photo System, including Information Exchange (IX), which records specific data on the film, using magnetic recording head about how each shot was taken for optimum print results, three print formats while shooting on the same roll of film, a date/title imprint feature, one-touch film loading, and five flash modes.

Type Fully automatic IX 240 autofocus single focal length Lens Shutter camera with built-in magnetic IX functions
Picture Size 16.7 x 30.2mm.(C, H, and P formats also selectable with IX data)
Lens 23mm f/4.8, 3 elements in 3 groups (Equivalent to 29mm lens in the 35mm format.)
Shutter Electromagnetic programmed shutter/aperture. ;Auto/Flash ON: EV10.4 (1/60, f/4.8) to EV17 (1/650, f/14), Flash OFF/Slow Synchro: EV5.5 (1/2, f/4.8) to EV17 (1/650, f/14) Slowest Shutter Speed: 1/2 second Self-Timer: Electronically controlled with 10-second delay
Viewfinder 0.28x Real-image type viewfinder covers approx. 87% of image recorded on film. C/H/P Switching: Print type selection operates a mechanical switch to change frames inside the viewfinder. Print type is recorded as magnetic data on the film after each exposure. Viewfinder Information: Picture frame, AF mark, C-print mask, P-print mask Eyepiece LED Information: Green LED for “OK to shoot”; Green LED Flashing for Close range warning; Orange LED for Flash charging completed; Orange LED Flashing for camera shake warning
EE Program type; AE lock applied after AF is completed; Program measurement using SPC light receptor element Metering Range: EV5.5 to EV 17 ISO Film Speed Range: ISO 25 to 10000
Built-in Flash Built-in fixed type flash unit, fires automatically in low-light conditions; Guide No. 6.6 (ISO 100.m); Red-eye Reduction; Slow-Synchro and Daylight Synchro possible; approx. 3-second charge time; Orange LED indicates flash charging completed
Recorded magnetically, and can be printed on either the front and back, or only the back of a print. Title Types: 5 available titles in 6 languages
Power Source One lithium battery CR2 (3V), includes battery-check feature
Film Loading &
One-touch loading. Fully automatic advance and rewind. Mid-roll rewind possible
Frame Counter 2-digit, 7-segment indicator on LCD panel
Exchange (IX)
Automatically records picture data, including cartridge loading direction, flash use, flash exposure, subject brightness, magnification, and artificial light source on every shot, which allows film-processing equipment to ensure consistent, high-quality photofinishing results. Date and time that picture was taken can also be printed on either the front and back, or only the back of a print. Also, one of a selection of 5 titles in 6 languages can be printed on the back of a print.
Dimensions &
85 x 55 x 34.5mm, 115 g (without battery)