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Marketed September 1998
Original Price 27,500 yen

A compact 35mm camera equipped with 38-55mm 2.2x zoom lens which includes an aspherical lens element to deliver high contrast and sharp images throughout the entire zoom range. An advanced 3-point AiAF autofocus system also ensures outstanding results, even when the main subject is not located in the center of the frame. Other features include an RT (Real Time) release mode, which enables users to capture the decisive moment in any shooting situation, as well as standard and panorama (Japanese model only, with date imprint) picture formats while shooting on the same roll of film. A Mode Dial located on the top of the camera puts all of the operation functions, including the OFF switch and six different shooting modes, at the user’s fingertips. The camera has a stylish thin, flat-body design.

Type Fully automatic 35mm autofocus Lens Shutter camera with build-in zoom lens and flash
Picture Size 24 x 36mm Panorama (13 x 36mm , Japanese version only)
AF System 3-point measurement Smart Autofocus System (1-point Central Spot AF in RT mode); Pre-focus possible; Close-range warning
Lens 38-85mm f/4.2-8.7; 6 elements in 6 groups (1 aspherical lens.)
Shutter Program-type electromagnetic shutter/aperture; In Flash OFF mode: WIDE: EV3.1 (2, f/4) to EV17 (1/500, f/16), TELE: EV5.2 (2, f/8.7) to EV19.2 (1/500, f/34); In Auto/Flash ON/Self-Timer AE modes: WIDE: EV9.3 (1/36, f/4.2) to EV19.2 (1/500, f/34), TELE EV12.6 (1/83, f/8.7) to EV19.2 (1/500, f/34); Self-Timer with Slow Synchro: WIDE: less than EV9.3 (1/2, f/4.2 to 1/36, f/4.2), TELE: less than EV12.6 (1/2, f/8.7 to 1/2, f/9); camera shake warning indicator
Viewfinder 0.45-0.99x Real-image type viewfinder covers approx. 84% of image recorded on film Viewfinder Information: Object range frame, Close-up frame, AF frame, Panorama mask (Japanese version only); Green LED on: AF in focus, “OK to shoot”; Green LED blinks: Close range warning; Orange LED on: Flash charging completed; Orange LED Blinking: camera shake warning; 15mm eyepoint
EE Program type; AE lock applied after AF is completed; Program measurement using SPC light receptor element Metering Range: EV3.1 to EV 19.2 ISO Film Speed Range: ISO 25 to 3200 (DX code)
Built-in Flash Built-in flash unit, fires automatically in low-light conditions; Guide No. 13.4 (ISO 100.m); Red-eye Reduction; Slow-Synchro and Daylight Synchro possible; Orange LED indicates flash charging completed
(“Date” models only for overseas models) Imprint selections: Year/Month/Day, Month/Day/Year, Day/Month/Year, Day/Hour/Minute, No imprint; Date imprint also possible for panorama format exposures(Japanese version only)
Power Source One lithium battery (CR123A), includes battery-check feature
Film Loading &
Automatic loading; film is advanced to frame 1 automatically after being loaded and the back is closed/Automatic single frame advance mode with built-in motor
Frame Counter 2-digit, 7-segment indicator on LCD panel
Film Rewind Automatic film rewind with built-in motor; Mid-roll rewind possible
Dimensions &
Date model: 123 x 64 x 46mm, 225 g (without battery)
Non “Date” model: 123mm x 64mm x 42mm, 215 g (without battery)