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IX 240 Lens-Shutter Camera


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Marketed March 1999
Original Price For export only (no Japanese market price)

Fully automatic IX 240 AF camera with single focal length lens, developed as a successor to the IXUS AF-S, primarily for the European market. Retains the light weight, compact size, and appearance of the IXY series. The body is nearly as compact as that of the IXUS L-1. The glass lens provides a high-quality image, and has a focal length of 25mm. Includes drop-in autoloading, a feature of the IX 240 format. Switching between C/H/P print formats is enabled. Also includes an external LCD panel.

Type Fully automatic IX 240 Lens-Shutter autofocus camera with single focal length lens and optical IX functions
Picture Size 16.7 x 30.2 mm (C, H, and P formats also selectable, with IX data)
Lens 25mm f/6 (equivalent to 31mm in 35mm format), 3 glass lenses in 3 groups
Shutter Behind-the-lens mechanical shutter with three speeds: Control range (ISO 200):
1/500, f/6 for EV13.7 or greater,
1/250, f/6 for EV12.7 – 13.7,
1/90, f/6 for EV12.7 or lower.
Electronic self-timer (10 seconds) .Cancellation before release enabled.
Viewfinder Real-image viewfinder. 0.34x magnification and 80% coverage. C/H/P masks in viewfinder, switched mechanically by print format selection lever. Print format is recorded on film as optical IX information with every shot. Inside the image area: Image area frame; C and P masks, AF mark. To left of eyepiece: Green “OK to shoot” lamp.
EE CdS cell for fully automatic programmed EE. Film speeds: ISO 200/400, automatically set (can use ISO 100). No film speed display.
Built-in Flash Fixed flash. Guide No. 8 (at ISO 100 in meters). Fires automatically in low-light conditions. Red-eye reduction lamp provided. Flash modes include Auto without red-eye reduction, Auto with red-eye reduction, Flash ON, Flash OFF. Maximum flash coverage for 25mm focal length. Working range 0.8-3.1m (ISO 200). Charge-completed indicator: Green lamp lights inside viewfinder.
Built-in autodate imprinting using transparent LCD (C/H frames only). Automatic calendar to 2019. Autodate modes: year, month, day; day, hour, minute; blank; month, day, year; day, month, year. Imprinting can be verified from date display on back panel. (DATE model only).
Film Loading &
Drop-in autoloading. Error prevention function (DEP) reads the cartridge data disk optically and determines whether film is unexposed, partially exposed, exposed, or developed. If unexposed, autoloading (AL) is performed. If partially exposed, exposed, or developed, AL is canceled, the frame counter is set to 0, and the shutter release lock is applied. Built-in motor for automatic advance and rewind. Advance mode: single shot.
Frame Counter After AL, shows maximum number of frames on roll, counts down after each exposure. When rewinding is started by auto reverse function, displays the maximum number of frames again, and counts down during rewinding.
Film Rewind Rewind completed indicator: Frame counter flashes “E.” Rewind mode: automatically stops when film is rewound inside cartridge. Midroll rewind enabled.
IX Data Information recorded on film by optical IX function. Information recorded: C/H/P print format.
Power Source One 3V CR2 lithium battery. Battery check function: two-level indicator on display panel when main switch is on.
Dimensions &
Without date: 90.5 x 64 x 30 mm, 120 g
With date: 90.5 x 64 x 34.5 mm, 130 g