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Marketed April 1992
Original Price 357,000 yen

Although quite compact and light weight, the RC-570 / RC-560 were a full-feature (record / playback / erasure) still video camera.
The RC-570 / RC-560 used a 1/2 inch 410,000 pixel CCD image sensor and Hi-band specification to produce excellent images with horizontal resolution of 450 TV lines and improved vertical resolution using frame recording.
The 3X zoom lens and integral ultra-compact automatic flash were among its improved specifications.

Type Lens Shutter Still Video Camera
Image Sensor CCD Image Sensor (410,000 pix)
Image Sensor Size 1/2″
Recording Format Still Video Format (High-band)
Recording media Still Video Floppy Disk
Lens 8-24mm F2.5-2.7
Shutter Lens Shutter
Shutter Speed 1/500 – 1/30 [sec]
more than 450 TV lines
Sensitivity ISO 70 (Frame)
ISO 140 (Field)
Video Signal NTSC (RC-570), PAL (RC-560)
Power Supply Battery Pack Bp-4P
Battery Pack Bp-A8
AC Couper AR-570
(W x H x D)
Weight 550g (without Battery , Floppy Disk)