The idea behind CPS

Imaging, whether still images or video, contributes to the chronicling of human history and the development of culture and civilization. Now and in the future, that important role of imaging will remain unchanged.
Canon proactively supports those capturing these images—be they people, organizations or robots—to contribute to a flourishing imaging history and culture. Canon takes pride in upholding this as one of our core principles and missions.

Sport also plays an important role in human history and culture. Canon has provided behind-the-scenes support to professional photographers at various sporting events to date, both in Japan and overseas. We utilize our technology and expertise in the form of cameras and lenses to support athletes and the professional photographers that use these tools to capture unforgettable sporting moments.

Canon strives to deliver support as close as possible to the ideal of zero-downtime, so that pros can keep working without interruption anywhere, anytime. Canon Professional Services (CPS), which Canon has offered since the introduction of our professional cameras and lenses, is one way we accomplish this.

Taking full advantage of the expertise we have cultivated over our long history, Canon supported professional photographers on the sidelines of Rugby World Cup 2019, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Through CPS, Canon will continue to support the professional photographers capturing emotional and decisive moments with cameras, lenses and the latest technologies.