Request for Suppliers

Canon is promoting global procurement activity in consideration of the social demand based on our Procurement policy.
Canon would therefore like to ask suppliers to cope assertively with the following activities as well. And also we expect you to urge your suppliers to cope with the same activities in the same manner.

  1. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations. (human rights, labor, safety and health, and so on)
  2. Contribute to the growth of society as a "good corporate citizen".
  3. Promote fair, honest and highly transparent business, along with the implementation of corporate ethics by prohibiting the activity against corporate social responsibility such as abuse of dominant position and eliminating antisocial forces.
  4. Construct the production system considering environmental conservation by observing Canon Green Procurement Standards and promoting the activity to reduce CO2 emissions, and so on.
  5. Secure the personal and customer information, and strictly manage the information obtained through business.
  6. Promote persistent improvement in order to maintain strong financial standing for continuous business and high level in quality, cost, delivery and technical aspects.