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Cine Canonet 8

Cine Canonet 8

Cine Canonet 8

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Marketed September 1963
Original Price 27,800 yen

Canon succeeded in greatly reducing the price of high-grade still cameras with its bestselling Canonet. Canon aimed to do the same thing in the 8mm movie camera field, and the designer of the Canonet designed this camera.

A compact mechanism was made possible thanks to the electric motor and a new, very compact 2.5x zoom lens, whose front focusing lens group worked as a zooming compensation lens, as well. Thanks to these features, a very slim and long sideways design, containable in a coat pocket, was achieved.

Canon anticipated that this movie camera would sell as well as the Canonet, but this was not to be the case.

Type Regular 8 type 8mm movie camera
Image Size 3.7 x 4.9 mm (Projection image size: 3.3 x 4.4 mm)
Film Reel type, 25 feet film (Width of film: 16 mm)
Lens Focal Length/Speed 10 – 25mm f/1.8, specially designed compact type (11 elements in 7groups) Inner diameter: 27 mm, outer diameter: 33.5 mm
Zooming Ratio 2.5x
Focusing Manual (Front lens group rotating method), 1.2 m to infinity
Zooming Manual
Viewfinder Type Special single-lens reflex type with non-reverse image, not affected by aperture
Rangefinder None (Guess focusing)
Dioptric Adjustment -2 to +0.5 diopter
Information Display Aperture value, exposure mater needle, over/under exposure warning mark
Exposure control Type Automatic aperture control coupled to highly sensitive CdS light meter. Point the subject and the correct exposure is always given. The exposure meter needle is built in the viewfinder.
Metering Range Coupled to entire range of f/1.8 – 22, 12, 16, 24 fps and single frame for ISO 10 – 320 films.
Manual Aperture Setting Manual aperture setting possible
Power source for CdS meter One 1.3 V M-N mercury cell
Film Drive Filming Speed 12, 16, 24 fps and single frame
Driving System Power filming with a micro-motor. Full length of film (7.5 m) can be filmed continuously.
Power Source for Film Drive Three 1.5 V AA batteries. 8-10 rolls of films can be shot.
Footage Counter Needle indication system clearly shows film loading.
Shutter Shutter Opening 155 degrees
Power Switch The power switch for CdS meter and motor drive. Works as safety switch and remote switch as well.
Release Socket Three sockets for single frame, continuous shooting and remote switch.
Easiness of Film Loading Foolproof film loading. Not necessary to open the pressure plate. Just insert film to the film gate.
Others Variety of accessories such as remote switch, close-up lens, filters.
Dimensions (W x H x D) 32.5 x 86.5 x 198.5 mm
Weight 720 g (Body only)