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Zoom 250 Super 8

Zoom 250 Super 8

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Marketed February 1969
Original Price For export only (no Japanese market price)

This was a low-end model with a 2.5x zoom lens and simple specifications. It was designed to fulfill the requirement from export markets for lower-priced movie cameras. Canon met the technical challenge to apply engineering plastic as much as possible. Plastic was used for the chassis and exterior, and even for the lens barrel.

This was a compact, low-priced and easy-to-handle model applying drop-in film cartridge loading from the back of the camera and a compact fixed grip.

Also the FOCUS-MATIC model was marketed for exports, with an adapter to measure subject distance by aiming at the foot of the subject using triangular surveying theory.

Type Super 8 type 8mm movie camera
Image Size 4.2 x 5.7 mm (Projection image size: 4 x 5.4mm)
Film Super 8 film cartridge
Lens Focal Length/Speed 10.8 – 27mm f/1.8 (12 elements in 10 groups)
Inner diameter: 40 mm, outer diameter: 42 mm
Amber and magenta coating
Zooming Ratio 2.5x
Focusing Manual (Front lens group rotating method), 1.5 m to infinity
Zooming Manual zooming with zooming lever. Rotation angle: Approx. 90 degrees
Filter Size 40 mm
Viewfinder Type Single-lens reflex type
Rangefinder None
Dioptric Adjustment -3 to +1 diopter
Viewfinder Information Exposure meter needle, over/under exposure warnings
Exposure Control Type Automatic aperture setting coupled to loaded film speed and shooting speed. Just aim the subject and shoot. The correct exposure is given always.
Exposure Meter Non-TTL separate CdS exposure meter (An EE compensation adapter for over exposure and against light is available.)
Metering Range ISO 160 f/1.8, 18 fps – ISO 16 f/16, 18 fps
Film Speed Automatic ISO setting by film cartridge
Tungsten type film: ISO 25, 40, 64, 100 and 160
Daylight type film: ISO 16, 25, 40, 64 and 100
CCA Filter A Color Conversion filter A is built-in to use tungsten type film under daylight. The CCA filter is automatically cancelled with loading of a daylight type film cartridge. Manual cancellation of the CCA filter is possible.
Power Source Two 1.3 V M20 (No.625) mercury cells (Contained in the grip)
Battery Check None
Film Drive Type Power filming by a high performance micro-motor
Filming Speed 18 fps
Power Source Three AA batteries. Sufficient power for 8 film cartridges under normal temperature.
Footage Counter Counts up. Automatic resetting by unloading of a film cartridge.
Battery Check None
Shutter Shutter Opening 160 degrees
Release Socket Cable release socket
Remote Control N/A
Grip Fixed. Contains batteries.
Others Lighting unit attaching slot (When a Kodak type lighting unit is attached, the CCA filter is automatically cancelled).
Dimensions (W x H x D) 48 x 160 x 168 mm
Weight 520 g (Body only)