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Auto Zoom 814 Electronic

Auto Zoom 814 Electronic

Auto Zoom 814 Electronic

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Marketed March 1972
Original Price 77,400yen

This was the first Canon movie camera to employ a “magnetic release.” The first electronics applied to movie cameras were electronic motors for film drive and zooming, and EE (exposure control) mechanisms. With the introduction of the magnetic release mechanism, however, electronics gradually came into full use. The magnetic release mechanism allowed the systemization of release operation and the control of camera on/off by electronic pulses. The magnetic release system became standard in 8mm movie cameras from this model onward.

The popular 8x zoom lens was newly designed to provide higher contrast. It had a bright viewfinder and Servo EE system. It also had variable shutter opening control to achieve perfect fading out/in. Slow-motion shooting was possible at about 40 fps.

A folding-type grip was employed, and an interval timer was available as an accessory.

Type Super 8 type 8mm movie camera
Image Size 4.2 x 5.7 mm (Projection image size: 4 x 5.4mm)
Film Super 8 film cartridge
Lens Focal Length/Speed 7.5 – 60mm f/1.4 (19 elements in 13 groups, including 11 new type glass elements). Spectra coating.
Zooming Ratio 8x
Focusing Manual (Front lens group rotating method), 1.2 m to infinity
Macro Shooting Close distance shooting by turning the zoom ring to “Macro.” Close-up shooting at 16.5 cm from the film plane mark is possible when the focusing ring is set at infinity. Field of view: 33 x 45 mm
Zooming Power zooming (Approx. 7 – 8 sec.) and manual zooming with zooming ring. Rotation angle: Approx. 120 degrees.
Filter Size 58 mm
Viewfinder Type Single-lens reflex type
Rangefinder Prism screen rangefinder (Micro-prism rangefinder)
Dioptric Adjustment -3 to +2 diopter
Viewfinder Information Aperture value, exposure meter needle, over/under exposure warnings, film end precaution
Exposure Control Type TTL Servo EE with a CdS exposure meter. Automatic aperture setting coupled to loaded film speed and filming speed.
Metering Range ISO 400, f/1.4, 18 fps, shutter opening at OPEN – ISO16, f/32, slow motion, shutter opening at 4
Film Speed Automatic ISO setting by film cartridge
Tungsten type film: ISO 25, 40, 64, 100, 160, 250 and 400
Daylight type film: ISO 16, 25, 40, 64, 100, 160 and 250
CCA Filter A Color Conversion filter A is built-in to use tungsten type film under daylight. The CCA filter is automatically cancelled with loading of a daylight type film cartridge. Manual cancellation of the CCA filter is possible attaching the CCA Filter Cancellation Adapter or a lighting unit.
Manual Aperture Control Automatic and manual aperture setting with the EE/Manual aperture control ring.
Film Drive Type Power filming by a high performance micro-motor
Filming Speed 18, 24 fps, instant slow motion (Approx. 40 fps) and single frame
Power Source Four AA batteries in the grip for film drive and exposure metering.
Battery Life Sufficient power for 10 film cartridges under normal temperature (one cartridge for single frame shooting)
Footage Counter Counts up. Automatic resetting by unloading of a cartridge.
Frame Counter The frame counter indicates 72 frames (1 ft) in one rotation. Two frames per scale. With adjustable indication mark.
Battery Check Push button checking.
Shutter Shutter Opening Variable between 150 – 0 degrees. Fading out is possible by complete closing of the shutter opening.
Socket Sockets for remote control/single frame shooting and flash synchronization.
Main Switch Three way switch for on, off and running lock
Film End Precaution An orange warning lamp lights up 2 ft. before film-end.
Safety Device Preventing mistakes on shooting: Over/under exposure warning, shutter lock and film transportation confirmation window.
Remote Control Possible with the Remote Switch 60 or 3.
Automatic Interval Shooting Interval shooting is possible with Interval Timer E (short time timer).
Grip Folding type. Contains batteries.
Dimensions (W x H x D) 70 x 118 x 224 mm
Weight 1550 g (Body only)