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PowerShot 600

PowerShot 600

PowerShot 600

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Marketed July 1996
Original Price 128,000 yen

High image quality from a sharp 570,000-pixel CCD (Charge-Coupled Device)

  • Built-in CCD with a 570,000-pixel matrix
  • High-resolution lens (160 lines per mm)
  • B/W Text mode for shooting text clearly
  • CCD RAW mode permits images to be recorded without being compressed
  • Also compatible with PCMCIA Type II and III hard-disk cards
  • Can take wide-angle shots using a wide converter (optional) equivalent to 28mm
Image Sensor (CCD) Size 1/3″
Method Complementary color filter/Interline
Number of Pixels 570,000 pixel (total)
Sensitivity Equivalent to ISO 100
Image Data Storage Built-in flash memory (1 MB), PC card (Type II, III)
File Format JPEG/TIFF/WAVE (audio data)/Proprietary Canon format(CCD RAW)
Image Size
832 x 608, 640 x 480, 320 x 240
Lens 7mm f/2.5 (35mm film equivalent : 50mm)
Shutter Speeds 1/30-1/500 sec.
Focusing Range Standard 40 cm-infinity
Macro 10-40 cm
Built-in Flash Auto, Forced ON/OFF
White Balance
TTL auto
Viewfinder Optical Optical viewfinder
Using built-in 1MB memory
Fine 4 shots (832 x 608)/6 (640 x 480)/17 (320 x 240)
Normal 9 shots (832 x 608)/12 (640 x 480)/26 (320 x 240)
Economy 15 shots (832 x 608)/19 (640 x 480)/36 (320 x 240)
Interfaces Parallel/PCMCIA (Type III)
Operating Systems
Windows® 3.1, Windows® 95, Macintosh
Power Supply Dedicated Ni-Cd Battery,Six AA alkaline batteries
(W x H x D)
159.5 x 92.5 x 58.8 mm
Weight (body only) Approx. 420 g
Accessories Neck strap, camera station, dedicated Ni-Cd battery pack, battery charger, application software

Information written above is about the digital cameras developed for the Japanese domestic market.

* Recording capacity specifications are based on standard shooting conditions established by Canon. Actual results will vary according to subjects.