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Marketed September 2019
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The optical viewfinder of the EOS 90D offers 100% coverage1, enabling users to view their subjects in real time. All-cross-type 45-point AF2 featuring superb tracking capabilities and the camera’s maximum continuous shooting rate of approximately 10 FPS make possible comfortable shooting of fast-moving subjects, including athletes and animals.

The EOS 90D’s CMOS sensor delivers an effective pixel count of 32.5 million pixels3—the highest resolution among Canon’s APS-C CMOS sensor DSLRs—which when combined with the DIGIC 8 image processor, enables users to capture high-resolution images with minimal noise. What’s more, photos can be cropped and expanded while retaining high image quality.

The camera also features EOS iTR4 AF, which utilizes the EOS 90D’s DIGIC 8 image processor and a new 220,000-dot metering sensor to make possible subject face tracking when shooting with the optical viewfinder. Thanks to this capability, the camera can detect and focus on faces with high accuracy, making it ideal for capturing fast-moving subjects. Dual Pixel CMOS AF, an autofocus technology in which each effective pixel on the CMOS sensor is able to perform both phase-difference autofocusing and imaging functions, provides smooth AF performance with exceptional subject-tracking capabilities, even when shooting in live view. What’s more, the EOS 90D features Eye Detection AF5 capable of detecting and focusing on a subject’s eye when shooting in live view or using Servo AF or Movie Servo AF.

1 When aspect ratio is set at 3:2.
2 Depending on the attached lens and aspect ratio setting, the numbers of AF points, cross-type AF points and Dual cross-type AF points will change.
3 Actual pixel count: approximately 34.4 million pixels.
4 iTR = intelligent Tracking and Recognition. This function works when the AF area selection mode is Zone AF, Large Zone AF or Auto selection AF.
5 This function works when “Face+Tracking” is enabled. Compatible with One-shot AF, Servo AF and Movie Servo AF. With default settings, the camera will focus on the eye of the person closest to it. When one or more people are detected at the same distance from the camera, it will automatically focus on the eye of the person closest to the center of the frame. Settings can be configured manually.