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EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM

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Marketed October 2009
Original Price 120,000 yen
Lens Construction (group) 12
Lens Construction (element) 15
No. of Diaphragm Blades 9(circular aperture)
Minimum Aperture 32
Closest Focusing Distance (m) 0.3
Maximum Magnification (x) 1.0
Filter Diameter (mm) 67
Maximum Diameter X Length (mm) 77.7×123
Weight (g) 625

The Canon EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM lens is the first medium-telephoto macro lens to incorporate Hybrid IS, a new Image Stabilizer technology that optimally compensates for both angle camera shake and shift camera shake. In addition to a dust- and moisture-proof structure for shooting even under severe conditions, the new lens also offers a nine-blade circular aperture for beautiful, out-of-focus blurring effects for points of light, even during close-range shooting.

While the EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM features an approximate 4-shutter speed steps correction capability*1 during normal shooting, it also realizes an approximate 3-shutter speed steps when shooting at 0.5x magnification and two steps at 1x. when shooting close-range*2 . Additionally, the incorporation of a UD lens element reduces chromatic aberrations in the macro range to an absolute minimum, enabling photographic expression with high levels of resolution and contrast befitting an L-series lens.

*1 Based on a shutter speed of “1/focal length” seconds, considered the limit for hand-held photography with an EF lens without image stabilization
*2 Compared to normal shooting, a shutter speed approximately 1–2 steps faster is required to prevent camera shake in close-range shooting

Block diagram

UD Lens  IS Unit