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35mm Focal-Plane Shutter SLR Camera




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Marketed October 1988
Original Price 92,000 yen (w/EF 35-70mm f/3.5-4.5),
62,000 yen (body)

When the film is loaded, the entire roll is first wound onto the take-up spool. Then each time a picture is taken, the film winds back into the cartridge frame by frame. This prewind system prevents the ruining of exposed frames if the camera back is opened accidentally. The EOS 750 QD is also Canon’s first SLR with a built-in flash.

The built-in flash pops up automatically in backlit or low-light conditions. After the picture is taken with the flash, the flash head retracts automatically.

The One-Shot AF mode allows shutter release when focus is achieved. Other features include TTL full-aperture metering with a 6-zone evaluative sensor (well received in the EOS 650 and later models), Intelligent Program AE, and depth-of-field AE.

Type 35mm focal-plane shutter AF SLR camera with program AE
Picture Size 24 x 36 mm
Normal Lens EF 35-70mm f/3.5-4, 5A
Lens Mount EF mount
AF System TTL phase detection. AF modes: One-Shot AF. AF operating range at ISO 100: EV 1 – 18.
Shutter Vertical-travel, focal-plane electronic shutter. 2 sec. – 1/2000 sec., B. X-sync at 1/125 sec. (hot shoe). Built-in electronic self-timer (with beeper).
Viewfinder Fixed eye-level pentaprism. 0.8x magnification and 92% coverage. New Laser Matte screen.
AF mark, in-focus indicator, P mark, flash ready, camera-shake warning, and other indications.
Metering &
Exposure Control
Composite SPC for TTL full-aperture metering (6-zone evaluative) with Intelligent program AE and depth-of-field AE. Metering range at ISO 100 and f/1.4: EV 0 – 20. Film speed range: ISO 25 to 3200.
Built-in Flash Located on pentaprism hump. Auto retractable head. TTL autoflash control (fires automatically in backlight and low-light conditions) with off-the-film metering. Guide No. 12 (at ISO 100 in m).
Power Source One 6 V 2CR5 lithium battery
Film Loading &
Align film leader at mark, then close the camera back for prewind loading. First, the entire roll is wound on the take-up spool. Then each time a picture is taken, the film advances back into the cartridge. Film transport with the built-in motor. Film advance speed: 1.2 fps.
Film Rewind After the last frame is exposed, the film is rewound automatically.
Dimensions &
149 x 102 x 71 mm, 620 g