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Autoboy 120



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Marketed September 1999
Original Price 46,000 yen

A 35mm autofocusing compact camera with 3.2x zoom lens, designed with a good balance of compactness, high-performance and high cost-performance. Advanced technology includes hybrid AI-AF, light guide flash, and a molded glass (GMo) aspherical lens element. Advanced miniaturizing technology gives a very compact body, while retaining traditional camera design with aluminum exterior. The Mode Dial and built-in eyepiece dioptric adjustment make handling easy. Especially the PERSONAL mode on the Mode Dial allows manual setting of center single-focusing point AF, flash and continuous shooting modes.

Type Fully automatic 35mm autofocus Lens-Shutter camera with 3.2x zoom lens.
Picture Size 24 x 36mm. *Panorama (13 x 36mm).

(*: Japanese model only).

Lens 38 – 120mm f/4.5 – 10.9, 7 elements in 6 groups. One molded glass (GMo) aspherical lens element.
AF System Active/passive hybrid 3-point dual AI-AF. AF working range: 0.6m – infinity (normal mode), minimum focusing distance of 0.43 – 0.58m (close-up mode). Focusing point selection: 3-point AF, manual selection of center-point AF. AF modes: one-shot AF, servo AF mode. AF in-focus indicator: The green LED lights when subject is in-focus, or blinks as a too-close warning. Prefocus.
Shutter Electromagnetic programmed shutter/aperture.
RT (Real-Time) release.
Exposure control range (ISO 100):
Flash auto/ON mode:
  1/770, f/15.5 – 1/38, f/4.5 at 38mm
  1/420, f/21 – 1/120, f/10.9 at 120mm.
Flash off/slow sync mode:
  1/770, f/15.5 – 2sec., f/4.5 at 38mm
  1/420, f/21 – 2sec., f/10.9 at 120mm.
Night scene mode: 4sec. (slowest speed).
Orange lamp blinks for camera shake warning (flash off mode).
Built-in electronically controlled self-timer.
Viewfinder Real-image zoom viewfinder. Magnification: 0.43x – 1.36x. Coverage: 84%. Viewfinder information: picture frame, close-up picture frame, AF frames (for normal and close-up AF), *selected focusing point, *red-eye reduction mark, *Panorama mask. At the eyepiece: Green LED lights for subject in-focus/ready for shooting, blinks for too-close warning. Orange LED lights for flash ready, blinks for camera-shake warning.

(*: Japanese model only).

SPC for fully automatic program AE with 3-zone evaluative metering/spot metering. Metering range: EV 3.5 – 18.5. ISO film speed range: ISO 25 – 3200 (in full-stop increments by DX code). Exposure compensation: manual exposure compensation of +/- 1.5 stops, automatic exposure compensation of +1.5 stops under backlit conditions. Shooting mode: seven shooting modes are selectable by the mode dial: auto, spot, action, night scene, close-up, portrait, personal (manual setting of flash mode, continuous shooting, single-point focusing and *caption).

(*: Japanese and caption models only).

Built-in Flash Built-in light-guide zoom flash extends by a motor with main switch on. Flash mode: auto with red-eye reduction, auto without redeye reduction, flash on, flash off, +1.5 stop exposure compensation with flash off, -1.5 stop exposure compensation with flash off, slow-sync with red-eye reduction. Guide No. (ISO 100): 11 at 38mm – 15 at 120mm. Flash coverage: 38mm lens angle covered. Flash working range (ISO 100): 0.6 – 4.1m. Recycling time: about 3 sec. Daylight sync.
Date: year/month/day, day/month/year, day/hour/minute, blank. Caption: five different captions each in five languages. Auto calendar to 2029.
Film Loading &
Automatic film loading: Film is automatically advanced to the first frame. Automatic film advance and rewind by built-in motor. Mid-roll rewind. Film advance mode: single-frame, continuous advance (1 fps in normal mode, max. 1.5 fps in action mode). Frame counter: two-digit (7-segment) LCD. Optional infrared remote control unit for remote shutter release (up to 5m).
Power Source Two 3V CR-2 lithium batteries.
Dimensions &
115 x 63 x 45 mm, 250 g (Japanese & QD models: 255g).