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35mm Focal-Plane Shutter SLR Camera


EOS 3000N/DATE, EOS 66/DATE (Asia)

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Marketed February 2002
Original Price For export only (no Japanese market price)

This model is the replacement for, and continues the tradition of the EOS 5000/88, marketed in January 1995 and the EOS 3000/88, marketed in March 1999, which were very popular because of their affordability, small size, light weight, ease of operation, and silent operation. It is intended mainly for the East European and Asian markets.

With its low price and high performance, it is designed to be the “Next Generation Affordable AF SLR Standard”. The metallic silver finish gives it an elegant air, and multiple functions, including wide-area 3-point AF.

Type AF/AE 35mm SLR camera with focal-plane shutter, built-in winder and flash
Picture Size 24 x 36mm
Compatible Lenses Canon EF lenses
Lens Mount EF mount for EF lenses.
[AF System]
Type TTL-SIR (TTL Secondary Image Registration) phase detection AF with 3-point wide-area BASIS for the AF sensor (|+|)
AF point selection Automatic or manual selection
Shooting mode One-shot AF and one-shot AF/predictive AI Servo AF. Manual focusing.
AF in-focus indicator Focus confirmation light in the viewfinder and AF point indicator on the external LCD panel. Beeper
AF assist beam Automatically emitted from built-in AF assist lamp when necessary.
AF operating range
(ISO 100)
EV 2 – 18
Type Fixed eye-level pentamirror
Shutter speeds 1/2000 – 30sec., B, X-sync at 1/90sec.
Self-timer Built-in electronically controlled self-timer (10sec. delay).
Type Fixed eye-level pentamirror
Coverage 90% vertically and horizontally
Magnification 0.7x
Standard diopter -1 diopter. Dioptric adjustment lenses (optional)
Eyepoint 18.5mm.
mirror Quick return half mirror
Viewfinder Information On the screen Three AF points, partial metering circle.
Below the screen(7-segment LCD) Shutter speed, aperture
Below the screen(LCD mask indicators) AE lock, AF point marks, dot scale for exposure level, flash-ready, high-speed sync (FP flash), AF in-focus indicator, etc.
[Metering & Exposure Control]
Type TTL full-aperture metering with 6-zone SPC (Silicon PhotoCell)
Shooting mode Program AE (P, shiftable), shutter-priority AE (Tv), aperture-priority AE (Av), automatic DEP (A-DEP), full-auto (program AE, not shiftable), programmed image control AE, E-TTL/A-TTL/TTL autoflash, metered manual (M).
Metering range: EV 2 – 20 (50mm f/1.4, ISO 100).
Metering mode EV 2 – 20 (50mm f/1.4, ISO 100).
Exposure compensation AEB and manual exposure compensation (both +/- 2 stops in 1/2-stop increments).
Multiple exposures Max. 9 multiple exposures
ISO film speed range ISO 6 – 6400 (ISO 25 – 5000, set automatically with DX code)
[Film Loading & Advance]
Film loading Automatic pre-wind film loading.
Film transport Automatic film advance/rewind by built-in motor. Mid-roll rewind.
Film advance mode Single-frame or continuous shooting.
[Other Specifications]
External LCD Shutter speed, aperture, AF point marks, self-timer, frame counter, film status, dot scale for exposure level, battery check, function indicators, film status etc.
Built-in Flash (1)Retractable flash built in the pentamirror hump. (2)Guide number: 12 (ISO 100/m). (3)Flash exposure metering: 3-zone TTL autoflash linked to the active AF point with off-the-film metering. (4)Full auto/Image zone: Manual pop-up and automatic firing for backlit conditions or dim light. (5)Creative zone: Manual pop-up and forced flash,Hot shoe for an external Speedlite,Daylight sync,Red-eye reduction.
Autodate Feature Year/month/day, day/hour/minute, blank, month/day/year, day/month/year
Automatic calendar to 2019
(Date models only)
Power Source Two 3V CR123A/DL123A lithium batteries
Dimensions & Weight 145 x 92 x 61.9mm, 350g, Date model: 365g (body without batteries)