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New Canonet 28

New Canonet 28

New Canonet 28

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Marketed March 1971
Original Price 18,300 yen (standard price), 1,500 yen (case)

Based on the New Canonet QL 17, this was the Canonet series’ low-cost, mass-market model.

For exposure control, fully-automatic program EE was incorporated instead of the shutter speed-priority EE featured in previous models in the same series. The camera used a Copal mechanical program shutter which was coupled to shutter speed-priority EE.

The wide metering range covered EV 3 (1/30 sec. at f/2.8) to EV 17 (1/620 sec. at f/14.5). The viewfinder had bright frame lines with automatic parallax correction. It showed the necessary picture-taking information and a double-image superimposing rangefinder was built-in. Despite these sophisticated features, the camera had an entry-level price. A long-seller, the camera was manufactured until 1976.

Type 35mm Lens-Shutter rangefinder camera with program EE
Picture Size 24 x 36 mm
Lens 40mm f/2.8 (5 elements in 4 groups)
Shutter Copal. Metering range of EV 1 (f/2.8 at 1/30 sec.) – EV 17 (f/14.5 at 1/620 sec.). X-sync (program type). No built-in self-timer. Only hot shoe for automatic flash.
Viewfinder Coincidence rangefinder integrated with reversed Galilean viewfinder. Parallax correction with projected frames and marked finder. 0.6x magnification. On the right within the image area are the shutter speed scale, meter needle, and overexposure and underexposure warnings.
EE CdS cell for full-auto program EE. Metering range of EV 8 – 17 (at ISO 100). Film speed range of ISO 25 – 400.
Power Source One 1.3 V H-D mercury cell. No battery check.
Film Loading &
Slotted take-up spool. Advances with camera-top lever’s 127° single stroke (partial strokes not enabled). Ready position at 26°.
Frame Counter Counts up. Resets automatically when camera back is opened.
Film Rewind Camera-top crank
Dimensions &
121 x 75 x 61 mm, 540 g