FL Lenses


FL35mm f/3.5

  • Specifications
Marketed May 1968
Original Price 13,900 yen
Lens Construction (group) 6
Lens Construction (element) 6
No. of Diaphragm Blades 6
Minimum Aperture 16
Closest Focusing Distance (m) 0.4
Maximum Magnification (x) 0.106
Filter Diameter (mm) 48
Maximum Diameter x Length (mm) 62 x 43
Weight (g) 270

At the time of the release of this lens, 35mm lenses tended to be treated as the standard lens for snap shooting by professional photographers and ordinary users because of having a suitable wide-angle effect as well as a natural expression of perspective and deep field. This lens was designed with the aim of providing high performance, operability and a unique design able to respond to such demands of the times.

Coma aberration and halo are eliminated while good contrast is maintained at full-aperture, in addition to maintaining high resolution throughout the entire frame. It is a retrofocus type with a 6-element in 6-group structure and a concave lens at the front, and that is also extremely compact and lightweight, weighing only 270g.