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RC-250 (Q-PIC)

RC-250 (Q-PIC)


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Marketed November 1988
Original Price 98,000 yen

The RC-250, known as the Q-PIC, was designed to make electronic photography simple, fun, and affordable. It was an easy-to-use, compact, lightweight, all-in-one recording and playback still video camera, with excellent handling and operation. The designers produced a smart, leading edge design while breaking the 100,000-yen barrier.
The 786 pixel (horizontal) CCD image sensor, Electronic Still Camera Standardization Committee optional “Hi-band” specification, ultra-compact integral flash and “intelligent auto white balance” giving excellent color regardless of lighting made full color electronic photography as easy and affordable as contemporary 35mm compact cameras.
With its built-in playback capacity, the RC-250 could be instantly connected to any television to view the images.

Type Lens Shutter Still Video Camera
Image Sensor CCD Image Sensor
Image Sensor Size 786 pixels [Horizontal]
6.4(H)X4.8(V)mm (1/2″)
Recording Format Still Video Format (High-band)
Recording media Still Video Floppy Disk
Lens 11mm F2.8
Shutter Lens Shutter
Shutter Speed 1/500 – 1/30 [sec]
Recording and Play = 300 TV-lines
Play = 400 TV-lines
Video Signal NTSC (RC-250), PAL (RC-251)
Power Supply Dedicated Battery Pack BP-4P
Dimensions 142(H)X34.5(W)X106(H)mm
Weight 420g(without battery)
485g(with battery)