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Accurate recording of the subject’s color, close to the actual image seen with the naked eye
[ Preset ]
Sharpness -
Contrast Low
Saturation -
Color Tone -
Compare to Standard
The “Faithful” setting enables reproduction of images that are colorimetrically almost identical to the actual colors shot under standard daylight conditions.
By maintaining the colors of the subject, the colors remain true even in highlight areas, so the expression of the colors is strong, giving a reliable impression that is close to what is seen with the naked eye. The colors are absolutely true to life, ensuring faithful reproduction—no matter how sober or vivid.
This setting is also suitable for replicating existing photographs and product photography, where the original colors must be accurately expressed.
Use the “Faithful” Picture Style to reproduce subjects as they actually appear
It is the feature of the Faithful style that color change is few by the deference of the light. In the examples, though the “Standard” is more vivid reproduction, at the part where strong light is hit, the “Faithful” maintains the color taste near the actual subjects.
[Standard setting]
[Faithful setting]
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