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Subjects are recorded in rich detail, giving the greatest latitude for image processing
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Sharpness -
Contrast Low
Saturation Low
Color Tone -
Compare to Standard
The “Neutral“ setting is suitable for expressing subtle nuances within vivid colors, even for objects with considerable contrast, when wishing to convey delicate textures.
Contrast and saturation settings are moderated, so there is less risk of overexposure and color saturation compared to other styles, resulting in a more restrained and calmer expression.
Richer detail is retained as data, so corrections can easily be rendered using Digital Photo Professional or Adobe® Photoshop®, etc. for JPEG output as well.
“Neutral” Picture Style for more detail
When shooting white dresses or bright red cars with the “Standard“, white blowout and excessive saturation happens and becomes in a flat finishing. When shot with “Neutral“, abundant details can be left by restraining the peak of brightness and the color density.
[Standard setting]
[Neutral setting]
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