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Picture Style
Picture Style
Customization of Picture Style
Picture Style File
Picture Style Editor
Selecting a Picture Style just as you would choose a film type.
Six preset Picture Styles are available with EOS DIGITAL.
Create the image you desire from the scenes you see.
Picture Style allows you to create exactly the image you want.
Standard Portrait Landscape
Standard Portrait Landscape
Glowing prints with crisp finishes.
It is the basic color of EOS DIGITAL.
For transparent, healthy skin for women and children
Crisp and impressive reproduction of blue skies and green trees in deep, vivid color
Neutral Faithful Monochrome
Neutral Faithful Monochrome
Subjects are recorded in rich detail, giving the greatest latitude for image processing
Accurate recording of the subject’s color, close to the actual image seen with the naked eye
Filter work and sepia tone with the freedom of digital monochrome
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