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How to Use a Picture Style File
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Using Software to apply a Picture Style File (.pf2) to a RAW image:
Ensure that Digital Photo Professional Ver. 3.1 or later is installed.
If installed: → proceed to Step 2.
If not installed: → Requires installation of Digital Photo Professional Ver. 3.1 or later.
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Download your favorite Picture Style files to your computer.
Download: Picture Style file
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Using Digital Photo Professional to apply a Picture Style File to a RAW image.
* The following use window examples from Windows Vista for explanation,
but basic operations are the same as in other Windows OSs or Mac OS X.
1. Start Digital Photo Professional to display a RAW image.
2. Select a RAW image to apply Picture Style file.
Double-click on the image or select the image and switch to [Edit image] window.
[Edit] window and tool palette appear.
Digital Photo Professional
3. Check if the [RAW] tab is selected.
Tool palette
4. Click on [Browse] on the tool palette in the [RAW image adjustment] window.
The [Open] window appears.
5. Open the location where you have saved Picture Style files, select the desired file to capture, and click the [Open] button.
6. The Picture Style file is loaded and reflected in the developed image.
* Only one Picture Style file can be loaded for one RAW image. If you want to develop another RAW image with any other Picture Style file, you can repeat No. 4 for the file.
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