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gaku tozuka

Wild bird photographer

My ultimate goal is to photograph not only in an attractive way, but also in a way that captures the essence and feeling of the animals. My current photographic subjects are wild birds and the natural environment.
His photography has been featured in several books, magazines, and TV commercials.

Gaku Tozuka


hideaki anzai

Wild Bird Society of Japan

In 1981, appointed Chief Ranger of Lake Utonai Sanctuary in Hokkaido, the first sanctuary designated by the Wild Bird Society of Japan.
Currently Principal Scientist of the Wild Bird Society of Japan. Travels throughout Japan and the world giving lectures on wild birds, nature observation and environmental education. More than 450,000 copies of a wild bird field guide for which he provided commentary have been published.

Hideaki Anzai

sound engineer

michio matsuda

Wild Bird Society of Japan

Currently Director of the Wild Bird Society of Japan. Previously worked as a staff member for the Japanese Society for Preservation of Birds and the Wild Bird Society of Japan. Promotes the appeal of wild birds and birdwatching through publishing, broadcasting, lectures and educational programs in the field. Authored books on the calls and songs of birds in Japan. Also produces and appears as a commentator on radio programs in Japan.

Michio Matsuda