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Flowers and Birds of the Four Seasons

Kano Motonobu

  • 「Flowers and Birds of the Four Seasons」 Kano Motonobu
  • 「Flowers and Birds of the Four Seasons」 Kano Motonobu

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Kano Motonobu
Historical era:
Muromachi (16th century)
printed, gold on washi paper
Pair of six-fold screens
High Resolution Facsimile of Historical Cultural Assets
Each screen H162.9 × W359.6 cm
Hakutsuru Fine Art MuseumMAP
Current owner:
Hakutsuru Fine Art Museum
ink, color and gold on washi paper

Kano Motonobu is the successor to first generation Masanobu, and is responsible for establishing the painting style and organizational structure of the Kano school. This work uses rich colors on gold background. The right screen (shown below) shows pine trees, cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, and peonies. Pheasants such as peacocks are centered on the main screen, flanked by herons, sparrows, and quails. The right side depicts the change in seasons from spring to summer. The left side depicts fall to winter by using browning maple leaves and snow-covered bamboo grass and rocks. This work represents Motonobu's entry into the area of Yamato-e (pictures of ancient Japan), and is regarded as an example of large-scale gold-backed paintings.

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