About the Works

Since March 2007, we have been pursuing the Tsuzuri Project, a project to create high resolution facsimiles of Japan’s cultural assets in and outside Japan, and to donate those facsimiles to the owners of the original pieces across Japan and the temples, shrines, and local authorities that held the pieces before they were sent overseas. In continuing to pursue this project as part of our initiatives to contribute to society, Canon seeks to provide opportunities for a wide range of people to rediscover Japanese culture by viewing these high resolution facsimiles, and aims to make effective use of high resolution facsimiles in educational contexts.
In October 2018, Canon Inc. and the National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties (CPCP) launched a collaborative research project on the creation and utilization of high-resolution facsimiles of cultural properties. In this project, high-resolution facsimiles of masterpieces of Japanese art are created using the same technology of the Tsuzuri project.