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Basic operation method
The "Picture Style" Concept
Necessary color management
Introduction of detailed structure and functions
Detailed Operating Procedure
Introduction of detailed structure and functions
Picture Style Editor functions
Primary function of the main window
The main window is principally used to observe the images as they respond to various instructions in real time, and previews.
Picture : Primary function of the main window
1 Overall display button
2 Numeric display of edited results
3 Image rotation button
4 Display of working color space
5 Magnification specification and ratio
Once the area of influence for the sampled color editing is confirmed, and warnings have been made for white blowout and black crush, an option to mark out the area in grey will be flashing. It is useful to activate this option while adjusting the area of influence.
Picture : Split screen display - horizontal
6 Split screen display - horizontal
Left pre-editing, right post-editing
Picture : Split screen display - vertical
7 Split screen display - vertical
Top pre-editing, bottom post-editing
Picture : Same size display
8 Same size display
Display position is synchronized in split screen display. One click returns to full display
Picture Editing results are reflected in the main window in real time. Accurate observation of the images is critical for color editing in Picture Style Editor. Monitor calibration, preparation of the lighting environment, and software preferences settings must be re-confirmed before editing.
Structure of Picture Style Editor
Primary function of the main window
Primary function of navigator
Primary function of the tool palette
Basics of color editing - Three sample-point specification methods
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