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Picture Style Editor
Basic operation method
The "Picture Style" Concept
Necessary color management
Introduction of detailed structure and functions
Detailed Operating Procedure
Detailed Operating Procedure
Workflow from Picture Style file (.pf2) Creation to Storage
The standard workflow is introduced in sequence based on a single image.
As an example, the "Landscape" Picture Style is used to edit blue sky and greenery to try to create "Landscape suited to a clear day".
Points to check before starting:
  • Ensure monitor calibration is appropriate for the lighting environment.
  • Ensure monitor is given sufficient time to stabilize after being turned on.
  • Correct monitor profile has been specified under the Picture Style Editor preference settings.
  • Color space for working has been set as per the purpose under the Picture Style Editor preference settings.
Step 1: Open the RAW image to be used for Picture Style file (.pf2) editing
Step 2: Pre-adjustment
Step 3: Color editing
Step 4: Enhancing overall gradation sequence
Step 5: Saving Picture Style files (.pf2)
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