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Easy-PhotoPrint Pro (hereafter, EPP-Pro) is a software tool to facilitate faithful reproduction of high quality images.
EPP-Pro - a simple CMS printing tool
One characteristic of EPP-Pro is its ability to print images recorded on EOS DIGITAL cameras and images created via DPP as observed without complex settings. The advantage is that EOS DIGITAL RAW images do not need to be processed as before, nor do they need to be converted to TIFF or JPEG images. Even during the trial and error process, adjustments are reflected, and your preferred colors can be reproduced without creating redundant data.
Digital Photo Professional (DPP)
Specified processing is performed for RAW, Exif-JPEG, and Exif-TIFF, and this data is passed to EPP-Pro with the specified color space data.
Adobe Photoshop CS
Passed to EPP-Pro together with color space data specified to the image data during work
Even when processing is necessary using Adobe Photoshop, accurate data output using EPP-Pro can easily be performed in the same way as DPP.
Easy-PhotoPrint Pro (EPP Pro)
Received data and color space data are converted appropriate to the paper type and print quality.
The main advantage of EPP-Pro is that even beginners can easily produce accurate data output.
Generally, minor corrections for color reproduction cannot be performed for CMS prints using the printer profile, but minor adjustment is possible using EPP-Pro at the output stage. Development with exquisite processing is possible to finalize your work.
Submitting color reproduction for printing
EPP-Pro has an embedded system to accurately enhance the output from EOS DIGITAL Picture Styles.
A significant advantage is the consistent workflow whereby the colors tweaked by Picture Style Editor are submitted to the final output when printing. In this process, the standard color reproduction transmission method, known as the ICC profile, is used rather than a special mechanism that relies on equipment.
EPP-Pro Color Adjustment Window: Color Management
Picture : EPP-Pro Color Adjustment Window: Color Management When "Enable ICC profile" is selected as the color mode, the profile best suited to the paper type and printing quality will be selected automatically. Printer profiles produced by the user can also be specified manually.
Printing is also straightforward on commercial software, such as Adobe Photoshop. When printing from DPP to EPP-Pro, processing files do not need to be saved. Printing is possible with the same color reproduction at any time with just one file containing the recipe in which all processing settings are recorded as well as the Picture Style file for both RAW and JPEG image.
EPP-Pro Color Adjustment Window: Correction
Picture : EPP-Pro Color Adjustment Window: Correction Even after specifying ICC profile, minute adjustments can be made to the color tone and vividness. Any slight variance in the impression with the monitor can be adjusted for with this process.
Understanding and Using CMS - Recommendation to calibrate monitor
Understanding and Using CMS - Color management settings for software
Understanding and Using CMS - Color management settings for printouts
Understanding Color Space - Various color spaces and the color space width
Understanding Color Space - Understanding the HSL color system
Understanding Color Space - HSL color system value range and Picture Style Editor functions
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